IEEE Saint Louis Section History


IEEE Saint Louis Section History
Established date 1903-01-14
IEEE Region 5
IEEE Council
Geographic region Saint Louis
Region area North
Principal cities St. Louis, MO
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The Saint Louis Section has been in existence for over 100 years as part of IEEE. The section encompasses a large territory stretching from Hannibal, MO, to Carbondale, IL, to the Missouri boot heel, to Rolla, to Columbia-and a small stretch along I-70 to the Indiana border. As of 2008, they had over 2600 IEEE members in the Section.

Section officers

Saint Louis Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001 Roobik Gharabagi Gregory Murden Steve Watkins Robert Leavene
2002 Gregory Murden Steve Watkins Robert Leavene Robert Menzel
2003 Steve Watkins Robert Leavene Robert Menzel Ken Owens
2004 Robert Leavene Robert Menzel Ken Owens William Ebel
2005 Robert Menzel Ken Owens James Bornholdt William Ebel
2006 Ken Owens James Bornholdt Tyria Riley H Mallikarjuna
2007 James Bornholdt H Mallikarjuna Scott Smith Tyria Riley
2008 H Mallikarjuna Tyria Riley Bob Becnel Keith Corzine
2009 Tyria Riley Keith Corzine Jessica Du Maine Bob Becnel
2010 Keith Corzine Bob Becnel David Gitz Jessica Du Maine
2011 Bob Becnel Jessica Du Maine Paul Min Harsha Hiripitiyage
2012 Jessica Du Maine / Bob Becnel Harsha Hiripitiyage Prakash Shahi Paul Min
2013 Harsha Hiripitiyage Paul Min Kyle Mitchell / Jonathan Steenbergen Prakash Shahi
2014 Paul Min Prakash Shahi Yoelit Hiebert Jonathan Steenbergen / Yoelit Hiebert
2015 Prakash Shahi Yoelit Hiebert Maciej Zawodniok Prasenjit Shil
2016 Yoelit Hiebert Prasenjit Shil Benjamin Cardwell Maciej Zawodniok
2017 Prasenjit Shil Maciej Zawodniok George Engel Benjamin Cardwell
2018 Maciej Zawodniok Benjamin Cardwell Maurice Muia / Prachee Chaturvedi George Engel
2019 George Engel Prasenjit Shil Asdrubal Garcia-Ortiz Prachee Chaturvedi
2020 Prasenjit Shil Prachee Chaturvedi Asdrubal Garcia-Ortiz Amardeep Kaur
2021 Prasenjit Shil Prachee Chaturvedi Amardeep Kaur

Past Chairs



  • 2020 Prasenjit Shil
  • 2019 George Engel
  • 2018 Maciej Zawodniok
  • 2017 Prasenjit Shil
  • 2016 Yoelit Hiebert
  • 2015 Prakash Shahi
  • 2014 Paul Min
  • 2013 Harsha Dinesh Hiripitiyage
  • 2012 Jessica du Maine/Bob Becnel
  • 2011 Bob Becnel
  • 2010 Keith Corzine
  • 2009 Tyria Riley
  • 2008 H.S. Mallikarjuna
  • 2007 Jim Bornholdt
  • 2006 Ken Owens
  • 2005 Robert Menzel
  • 2004 Bob Leavene
  • 2003 Steve E. Watkins
  • 2002 Gregory Murden
  • 2001 Roobik Gharabagi
  • 2000 George Zobrist
  • 1999 Shirley Cheng
  • 1998 Dave Massey
  • 1997 Hardy J Pottinger
  • 1996 Bill Schallert
  • 1995 Craig Hartmann
  • 1994 Joseph O'Sullivan
  • 1993 Gary R Fuerst
  • 1992 James H. Hahn
  • 1990-1991 David W Muren
  • 1989-1990 Rick L Butler
  • 1988-1989 Robert J Schnell
  • 1987-1988 Arthur E Goldberger Jr
  • 1986-1987 Jack D Lashley
  • 1985-1986 Donald W Cramer
  • 1984-1985 Ed C Bertnolli
  • 1983-1984 Gary A Shannon
  • 1982-1983 Jim V Leonard
  • 1981-1982 Charles T Koenig
  • 1980-1981 Jim Leonard
  • 1979-1980 R J Schukai
  • 1978-1979 Martin R Smith
  • 1977-1978 Carl L Merlotti
  • 1976-1977 Bernard Heilweck
  • 1975-1976 Herbert A Crosby
  • 1974-1975 Hosea R Vann
  • 1973-1974 Frank D Field
  • 1972-1973 Walter Matthews
  • 1971-1972 Harold R Delaney
  • 1970-1971 George W Fox
  • 1969-1970 Daniel L Reed
  • 1968-1969 Burke Frick
  • 1967-1968 Alfred L Coffman
  • 1966-1967 William Sumerlin
  • 1965-1966 Francis R Arnoldy
  • 1964-1965 Gerald E Dreifke
  • 1963-1964 Harry Patrick Dougherty, Jr
  • 1962-1963 Charles H Zurheide

Notes: Prior to 1991 elections were held in March and new officers took charge in June for a year. After that time offices were held for a calendar year. When IEEE was formed, the section bylaws stated that the office of Sr. Vice Chairman was the chairman elect for the following year. H P Dougherty is listed on section letterhead as chairman for 1963-1964 and G E Dreifke was listed as Sr. Vice Chairman. He was presumably the chairman for 1964-65.



  • 1962 G F Barnard, Chm; E A Kuhlman, Sec
  • 1961 R D Hill Jr, Chm; G F Barnard, Sec
  • 1960 R D Hill, Jr, Chm; G F Barnard, Sec
  • 1959 R L Frazier, Chm; R D Hill Jr, Sec
  • 1958 C E Mosley
  • 1957 Francis W Swantz SM IRE 1953, AIEE M 1954
  • 1956 F A Fillmore
  • 1955 William R Benson
  • 1954 E F O'Hare
  • 1953 H J Hicks
  • 1952 Harold G Wise
  • 1951 C E Harrison
  • 1950 L A Mollman
  • 1949 G M Cummings
  • 1948 Robert L Coe (P) Radio Station KSD, Chm; N J Zehr, Sec
  • 1947 S H Van Wambeck (P)
  • 1946 B B Miller
  • 1945 N B Fowler Chairman, Carl F Meyer Vice Ch - Radio Station KFUO
  • 1944 Nicholas J Zehr (P) Radio Station KWK
  • 1943 P S McDaniel
  • 1942 P S McDaniel, Chm; H D Seielstad, Sec
  • 1941 St. Louis Section of IRE established. This may have occured in 1942 as no St Louis Section was mentioned in the Proc IRE Dec 1941. Mr H D Seielstad was listed as 'Temporary Secretary' in the Proc IRE June 1942. R L Glasgow, Washington University, was listed as 'temporary chairman' in the Proc IRE Jan 1942. This is the first issue which mentions the St. Louis Section.



  • 1962 Charles H Zurheide, Chm; J B McKee, Sec
  • 1961 (unknown)
  • 1960 J E Roomy, Chm; Harry Patrick Dougherty Jr, Sec
  • 1959 William J Roa, Jr, Chm; Charles H Zurheide, Sec
  • 1958 F R Summers, Chm; C E Howe, Sec
  • 1957 Richard John Walter Koopman, Chm; J E Roomy, Sec
  • 1956 R C Hase, Chm; F R Summers, Sec
  • 1955 E E Gilcrease, Chm; William J Roa, Jr, Sec
  • 1954 R W Scheetker, Chm; V B Wilfley, Sec
  • 1952 J S Malsbary, Chm; A E Marshall, Sec
  • 1951 R N Slinger, Chm; R C Hase, Sec
  • 1950 C W Schemm, Chm; D M Allison, Sec
  • 1949 R C Horn, Chm; J C Lebens, Jr, Sec
  • 1948 R W Gaskins, Chm; E E Gilcrease, Sec
  • 1947 E S Rehagen, Chm; R N Slinger, Sec
  • 1946 O T Farry, Chm; R W Gaskins, Sec
  • 1945 Harry B Serbt, Chm; R C Horn, Sec
  • 1944 C M Lovell, Chm; Ray Robson, Sec
  • 1943 F A Cooper, Chm; F J McCluskey, Sec
  • 1942 J T Monseth, Chm; O T Farry, Sec
  • 1941 R Meyerand, Chm; C W Schemm, Sec
  • 1940 L L Crump, Chm; J S Malsbary, Sec
  • 1939 R S Glasgow, Chm; R H Baxter, Sec
  • 1938 L O Campbell, Chm; E K Shively, Sec  ??
  • 1937 B T McCormick, Chm; L L Crump, Sec
  • 1936 H R Fritz, Chm; C A Loveless, Sec
  • 1935 Oscar John Rotty, Chm; B T McCormick, Sec
  • 1934 Ernest George McLagan, Chm; C O Campbell, Sec  ??
  • 1933 Lee S Washington, Chm; B F Thomas, Jr, Sec
  • 1932 Frederic B Wipperman, Chm; Stuart L Hilyard, Sec
  • 1931 Cris H Craft, Chm; E H Lankford, Sec
  • 1930 Clarence B Fall, Chm; Earl A Forkner, Sec
  • 1929 George H Quermann, Chm; Oscar John Rotty, Sec
  • 1928 Charles P Potter, Chm; Ernest George McLagan, Sec
  • 1927 Louis F Woolston, Chm; L P Van Houten, Sec
  • 1926 Fred D Lyon, Chm; Ralf T Toensfeldt, Sec. MSM Student Branch formed.
  • 1925 Blake D Hull, Chm; Cris H Kraft, Sec
  • 1924 Blake D Hull, Chm; Cris H Kraft, Sec
  • 1923 J M Chandler, Chm; Lee S Washington, Sec
  • 1922 C C Robinson, Chm; J M Chandler, Sec
  • 1921 Granville A. Waters, Chm; Stanley Stokes, Sec
  • 1920 Granville A. Waters, Chm; Stanley Stokes, Sec
  • 1919 James L. Hamilton, Chm; Harry G. Hake, Sec
  • 1918 Herbert William Eales, Chm; Benjamin F Thomas, Sec
  • 1917 Allen McRae Harrelson, Chief Engineer, Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co.
  • 1916 Walter O Pennell, Acting Chief Engineer-S.W.Bell Telephone System, Chm; George McD Johns, Sec
  • 1915 S. N. Clarkson, Chm; Walter O Pennell, Sec
  • 1914 Francis James Bullivant, Chief Engineer Valley Electric Company, Chm; Allen McRae Harrelson, Sec
  • 1913 Allen McRae Harrelson, born 4 Jun 1884, died 6 Dec 1959.
  • 1912 Francis James Bullivant
  • 1911 Roy Stuart Pattison, Cornell'04, Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co.
  • 1910 George Lamke, Washington University
  • 1909 H. L. Finch
  • 1908 H. L. Finch
  • 1907 Alexander S. Langsdorf
  • 1906 H.H. Humphrey, Chm; Alexander S. Langsdorf, Sec
  • 1905 Gerard Swope
  • 1904 W.E. Goldsborough, chm; Gerard Swope, Sec
  • 1903 Section Established as Branch of AIEE by Winder Elwel Goldsborough (P), Chief of the Department of Electricity at the Louisiana Exposition, usually referred to as the 1904 World's Fair.


  1. Names are obtained from a combination of newsletter publications and collective memory.
  2. Names obtained from publications of the IRE. In most cases these are just the first initial(s) and last name. First names are obtained from additional research.
  3. Names obtained from publications of the AIEE. In most cases names are given as first/middle initial and last name. Full names have been obtained in some cases through additional research.

P. picture available

All corrections, additions, and comments are welcomed and encouraged! Send to I am particularly interested in early copies of the section newsletter 'The Mighty Mho' as well as any previous newsletters which included section news such as the 'Gateway Engineer' published by the Engineer's Club.

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