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IEEE Phoenix Section History
Established date 1941-03-22
IEEE Region 6
IEEE Council
Geographic region Phoenix
Region area SWA
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Announcement of Arizona Section in the 1941 Report of the Board of Directors of the AIEE.

The Phoenix Section started operations in 1941. Its "birthday" is March 22 (see IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Phoenix). At that time IEEE was known as the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) and the Phoenix Section referred to as Arizona Section. On January 10, 1951, the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) also established a Phoenix Section (see IRE Phoenix Section Formation Letter). AIEE and IRE merged in 1963 to form the IEEE.

The first Phoenix Section Chair was Ben Ferguson, accompanied by Section Secretary W. H. Croft of the Central Arizona Light & Power Company, known since 1952 as Arizona Public Service Company (APS). In 1920 Ben Ferguson worked as an engineer for the Arizona Corporation Commission. As of August 1, 1941, the Section had 28 members.

The first IRE Phoenix Section Chair, Gerald C. Rich, filed the patents "Semi-Conductor Unit" and "Transistor Unit" in 1953 that indicate he worked for Motorola at the time. He resided in Scottsdale.

The Phoenix Section Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society Chapter won the 1973 best Chapter award from the Society.

Mike Andrews, the 2013 Region 6 Director, recalls that he was Region 6 Southwest Area Chair when Earl Robbins was Section Chair in 1982. In the 1970s Section meetings were held at a restaurant near Central & Indian School Rd. in Phoenix. The Section bank account was with Valley National Bank.

Phoenix Section Chairs
Year Chair Affiliation
2016 Bruce Ladewig
Arizona Public Service Company
2015 Bruce Ladewig
TOR Engineering
2014 Barbara McMinn
Arizona Public Service Company
2013 Charles E. Weitzel
2012 Ralph Hogan
Rio Salado College
2011 James H. Hudson
Salt River Project
2010 Henning Braunisch Intel Corporation
2009 Debendra Mallik Intel Corporation
2008 Keith E. Holbert Arizona State University
2007 N. Rao Bonda Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
2006 Rao S. Thallam Salt River Project
2005 Shamala A. Chickamenahalli Intel Corporation
2004 George Karady Arizona State University
2003 James E. Drye Motorola, Inc.
2002 Charles A. Smith Orbital Sciences Corporation
2001 Vasudeva P. Atluri Intel Corporation
2000 James R. Hunt Salt River Project
1999 Elbadawy A. Elsharawy Arizona State University
1998 Indira S. Adhihetty
Motorola, Inc.
1997 Henry A. Burger
HB Engineers
1996 Victor M. Quiros
DeVry Institute of Technology
1995 D. Elaine Pope Intel Corporation
1994 Marty L. Halperin DeVry Institute of Technology
1993 Vijayan K. Nair
Motorola, Inc.
1992 David R. Carroll
Motorola, Inc.
1991 Edwin W. Greeneich
Arizona State University
1990 George F. Seebeck
Arizona Public Service Company
1989 Joshua M. Wiestling
Arizona Public Service Company
1988 Ben M. Huey
Arizona State University
1987 Ronald D. McCallister
SiCOM, Inc.
1986 Alexander C. Brown
Loral Defense Systems
1985 Gregory P. Rampley
Salt River Project
1984 Robert H. Douglas
1983 Gary D. Brunner
Goodyear Aerospace Corporation
1982 Earl R. Robbins
Arizona State University
1981 Wally R. Raisanen
1980 H. James Martin

1979 Arnold L. Schwalb
Salt River Project
1978 Everette E. Chartier

1977 Peter D. Kennedy

1976 M. M. Marsolek
Salt River Project
1975 James A. Higgs
Arizona State University
1974 T. R. Thompson

1973 D. D. Hann

1972 V. M. Nelsen

1971 William P. Stearns
Shalako International
1970 R. W. Roberts

1969 E. H. Hill

1968 J. M. Ross

1967 Vincent Converti

1966 T. M. Morong
Salt River Project
1965 R. K. Peterson

1964 D. T. Quisenberry

1963 G. T. Royden

1962 E. H. O'Gara (AIEE)
E. H. O'Gara (IRE)

1961 A. B. Johnson (AIEE)
H. R. Hyder, III (IRE)

1960 S. M. Chalmers (AIEE)
J. M. Ross (IRE)
Salt River Project
1959 F. M. Irish (AIEE)
E. S. Shepard, Sr. (IRE)

1958 L. A. Potter (AIEE)
R. V. Baum (IRE)
Salt River Project
1957 W. E. McMorran (AIEE)
G. L. McClanathan (IRE)

1956 T. A. Phillips (AIEE)
Everett Eberhard (IRE)
Central Arizona Light & Power Co.
1955 R. H. Hartley (AIEE)
William R. Saxon (IRE)

1954 E. A. Lodge (AIEE)
P. W. Sokoloff (IRE)

1953 K. V. Fletcher (AIEE)
Allen M. Creighton, Jr. (IRE)

1952 J. A. Redmond (AIEE)
R. E. Samuelson (IRE)

1951 I. G. Jenkins, Jr. (AIEE)
Gerald C. Rich (IRE)
Central Arizona Light & Power Co.
Motorola, Inc.
1950 Americo Lazzari (AIEE)
1949 W. B. Bustard (AIEE)

C. M. Hart (AIEE)

C. A. Poppino (AIEE)

Irwin W. Best (AIEE)

Charles A. Rollins (AIEE)

C. R. Smith (AIEE)
Central Arizona Light & Power Co.
Malcolm M. Bridgwater (AIEE)
Central Arizona Light & Power Co.
G. F. Maughmer (AIEE)

1941 Ben Ferguson (AIEE)

Old officer roster documents

IRE and IEEE Phoenix Section Officers 1951-1974, Phoenix Section Officers 1975-1979. (pdfs)

From 1951 to 1957 the IRE Phoenix Section Chairs and Secretaries were also listed in the Institute/IRE News and Radio Notes that appeared in the November issues of the Proceedings of the IRE (1951 example). The AIEE Arizona Section Chairs and Secretaries from 1941 to 1951 can be found in the December issues of the Transactions of the AIEE (1941 example). Credit goes to Dr. Sheldon Hochheiser of the IEEE History Center at Rutgers University for chasing down the 1952 to 1962 AIEE Arizona Section Chairs in the AIEE Year Books; AIEE Officers, Committees and Representatives; and the AIEE Organizational Manual.

Phoenix Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001 Vasudeva Atluri Charles Smith James Drye George Karady
2002 Charles Smith James Drye George Karady Lesley Polka
2003 James Drye George Karady S Chickamenahalli
2004 George Karady S Chickamenahalli Rao Thallam N Rao Bonda
2005 S Chickamenahalli Rao Thallam N Rao Bonda Dongming He
2006 Rao Thallam N Rao Bonda Dongming He Keith Holbert
2007 N Rao Bonda Dongming He Keith Holbert Debendra Mallik
2008 Keith Holbert Debendra Mallik Henning Braunisch James Hudson
2009 Debendra Mallik Henning Braunisch James Hudson Ralph Hogan
2010 Henning Braunisch James Hudson Ralph Hogan Charles Weitzel
2011 James Hudson Ralph Hogan Thomas Lundquist Russell Kinner
2012 Ralph Hogan Charles Weitzel Barbara Mcminn Bruce Ladewig
2013 Charles Weitzel Barbara Mcminn Bruce Ladewig Surinder Tuli
2014 Barbara Mcminn Bruce Ladewig Surinder Tuli Vivek Gupta
2015 Bruce Ladewig Surinder Tuli Vivek Gupta Mahesh Shah
2016 Bruce Ladewig Surinder Tuli Vivek Gupta Mahesh Shah
2017 Surinder Tuli Vivek Gupta Mahesh Shah Bharat Penmecha
2018 Surinder Tuli Vivek Gupta Mahesh Shah Bharat Penmecha
2019 Vivek Gupta Curtis Scott Bharat Penmecha Heather Monigan
2020 Vivek Gupta Curtis Scott Bharat Penmecha Heather Monigan
2021 Bharat Penmecha Heather Monigan Ankur Agrawal Samantha Russell


Section Bylaws of 2001
Note: Per Section 9.4.E of the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Operations Manual, Section Bylaws are not required. All Sections will be required to operate in accordance IEEE Bylaws, Policies and the MGA Operations Manual.

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