IEEE Maine Section History


IEEE Maine Section History
Established date 1955-06-30
IEEE Region 1
IEEE Council
Geographic region Maine
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AIEE Maine Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1955 H.W. Murdock Basil Payne
1956 H.A. Crosby Basil Payne
1957 C.E. Monty L.W. Burr
1958 Lloyd W. Burr G.F. Hart
1959 W.W. Turner F.A. Smith
1960-1961 G.F. Hart M.J. Gore
1962 D.P. Appleton E.W. Thurlow

IEEE Maine Section Officers

Maine Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001 Brian Conroy David Potts David Kotecki M G Smith
2002 David Potts Daniel Martin Thomas Carbone M G Smith
2003 Daniel Martin David Kotecki Ian Goepfert M G Smith
2004 David Kotecki Ian Goepfert Scott Dunning M G Smith
2005 Ian Goepfert Scott Dunning Ali Abedi M G Smith
2006 Scott Dunning John Roberts Ali Abedi David Kotecki
2007 John Roberts Ali Abedi Paul Villeneuve David Kotecki
2008 Ali Abedi Paul Villeneuve John Allen David Kotecki
2009 Paul Villeneuve John Allen Theodore Britt David Kotecki
2010 John Allen Theodore Britt Ronald Brown Dilip Chakravarty
2011 Stanley Koski Ronald Brown Scott Irving Dilip Chakravarty
2012 Ronald Brown Scott Irving Richard Wilkins Stanley Koski
2013 Scott Irving Richard Wilkins Ronald Brown Stanley Koski
2014 Richard Wilkins Scott Irving Ronald Brown Stanley Koski
2015 Richard Wilkins Ronald Brown Ali Abedi Stanley Koski
2016 Ronald Brown Ali Abedi Alisha Chaney / Ronald Brown Stanley Koski
2017 Ronald Brown Ali Abedi Walter Rawle Stanley Koski
2018 Walter Rawle Lauren Mayhew Shengen Chen Stanley Koski
2019 Walter Rawle Lauren Mayhew Shengen Chen Stanley Koski
2020 Walter Rawle Richard Wilkins Shengen Chen Stanley Koski
2021 Betina Tagle / Ashanthi Maxworth Alisha Chaney / Julia Upton Ashanthi Maxworth Shengen Chen


The IEEE Maine Section is located in Region 1.

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Affinity Groups

The Maine Section established the Women in Engineering affinity group in Nov 2009.

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