IEEE Lehigh Valley Section History

IEEE Lehigh Valley Section History
Established date 1905-05-16
IEEE Region 2
IEEE Council
Geographic region Lehigh Valley
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AIEE Lehigh Valley Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1921 Charles Hodge H.G. Harvey
1922 D.M. Petty H.G. Harvey
1923 H.G. Harvey G.W. Brooks
1924 J.L. Beaver G.W. Brooks
1925 W.H. Lesser G.W. Brooks
1926 W.E. Lloyd, Jr. G.W. Brooks
1927 M.R. Woodward G.W. Brooks
1928 H.D. Baldwin E.F. Weaver
1929 A.J. Althouse E.F. Weaver
1930 W.M. Harbaugh J.H. Diefenderfer
1931 Morland King J.H. Diefenderfer
1932 J.G. Charest W.A. Skinner
1933 N.S. Hibshman W.A. Skinner
1934 C.J. MacDonald Edgar Bell
1935 O.A. Griesemer Edgar Bell
1936 G.E. Northup W.A. Everson
1937 E.F. DeTurk J.E. Treweek
1938 E.F. Weaver J.E. Treweek
1939 S.S. Seyfert J.E. Treweek
1940 W.J.D. Geary J.E. Treweek
1941 J.W. Mills L.Z. Ludorf
1942 E.R. Beers L.Z. Ludorf
1943 R.M. Wyatt L.Z. Ludorf
1944 H.E. Pearson J.A.G. Oewel
1945 L.Z. Ludorf A.L. Price
1946 R.E. Neidig A.L. Price
1947 F.W. Smith A.L. Price
1948 J.E. Treweek A.L. Price
1949 C.H. Sprague A.L. Price
1950 G.M. Keenan A.L. Price
1951 J.O. Leslie W.C. Seymour
1952 D.A. Campbell, Jr. W.C. Seymour
1954 D.L. Greene F.S. Fehr
1955 S.C. Townsend F.S. Fehr
1956 F.S. Fehr L.L. Nonemaker
1957 W.F. Dunkle L.L. Nonemaker
1958 I.M. McNair J.K. McDonald
1959 M.F. Rosol J.K. McDonald
1960-1961 A.W. Plonsky S.J. Litrides
1962 G.E. May C.D. Repp

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The IEEE Lehigh Section is located in Pennsylvania - Region 2.


In March 2010, a chapter of the IEEE Computer Society was established.

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