History of IEEE in India


IEEE Movement in India – The Journey

Activity in India dates back to November 19th, 1959 with the formation of the India Section of the IRE. IEEE activities started in India about forty years ago with about four members. A band of dedicated engineers started IEEE India Section at Bombay in 1963. Thus with a small beginning at Bombay, IEEE activities have spread over the length and breadth of India. On 13 July, 1976, IEEE Bombay Section was formed with Mr T.V. Balan as the founder Chairman.

India has been very active at the Regional level too. Mr F. C. Kohli was the first Indian Region 10 Director. The past R10 Secretaries from India include Dr. V. P. Kodali and Mr. T. V. Balan. Five Bombay Section members Mr. F. C. Kohli, Mr. T. V. Balan, Mr. D. N. Purandare, Mr. Kirit and Mr. H. S. Sonawalla were selected in 1984 for the IEEE Centennial Medal Award for their loyal and dedicated service to the IEEE and in recognition of the exceptional service to the profession.

Today, the IEEE membership in India has crossed 23,682 members and accounts for 35% of the R10 membership. India Council (IC) was formed on 20 May 1976 and has grown to be the largest Council in member-strength among the 17 Councils in IEEE. With 10 Sections and 4 sub-Sections, India Council is next only to Florida with 12 Sections. India Council with 369 Student Branches in 10 Sections accounts for 20% of worldwide IEEE student membership. According to the IEEE 2006 statistics out of the top 5 Sections world over in student membership, four Sections were under India Council.

Some highlights of IEEE Activities in India

Co-operation with other Societies in India – IEEE has entered into MOUs with (1) The Institution of Engineers (IEI) and (2) The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE).

IEEE India is a Life Member of “Engineering Council of India”, a body constituted by Government of India.

India Council had been publishing a monthly news letter for last 18+ years. Earlier it was called “IEEE India Bulletin” and now it has been renamed as “IEEE India info”. The news letter is being sent to all IEEE members in India.

There have been 4 Region 10 Directors from India i.e. Mr. F. C. Kohli, Dr. V. P. Kodali (Please check), Mr. M. V. Chauhan and Mr. Harbans L Bajaj.

IEEE India Has been recipient of many of the IEEE Region 10, RAB Awards.

For the year 2007, 4 Members from India have been put in IEEE Board level committees i.e. IBSC, A&A, Fellowship and Membership model.

IEEE India has highest growth potential among all countries in world. Has 1400 + Engineering colleges, turning out more than 3,00,000 Electrical, computer and Electronics Engineers annually. India has largest work force of Scientists and Engineers in the world.

Archival Documents

Petition Letters and various correspondence pertaining to the creation of the IRE India Section, (PDF, 79.49 MB)