Chih-Yuan (C. Y.) Lu


Chih-Yuan (C. Y.) Lu
Associated organizations
Macronix International Corporation, Ardentec Corporation
Fields of study


Chih-Yuan Lu’s strong leadership in developing semiconductor technology has established Taiwan as a major contributor to the industry. An expert in electron devices and integrated circuits, Dr. Lu spearheaded Taiwan’s ambitious R&D project, the National Submicron Project, which transformed the country in less than five years into a leading contributor in the world semiconductor industry. Dr. Lu co-founded Vanguard International Semiconductor in 1994 and founded Ardentec in 1999. He joined Macronix International in 1999 and led that company to become one of the most profitable memory companies in the world and also a major contributor of innovative nonvolatile memory technology. Overall, Dr. Lu has demonstrated the impact high-technology development can have on the economic development of a country such as Taiwan.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Lu is currently president of Macronix International Corporation, Ltd. and chairman of Ardentec Corporation, both in Hsinchu, Taiwan.