Category:Biomedical equipment


An employee of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration conducting a physical

Equipment used in a biomedical settings, such as biomedical electrodes, implants and surgical instruments


  • Biomedical electrodes - electrodes used to measure biological functions
  • Biomedical transducers - devices used to translate physiological signals into reliable data
  • Catheters - tubes that can be inserted into any body cavity or vessel and that allow the removal or administration of fluids or access by surgical instruments
  • Handicapped aids - tools or devices used to facilitate greater freedom or movement of handicapped persons
  • Implantable biomedical devices - a device which can be implanted directly into a body to repair or enhance a biological activity
  • Implants - any device that can be placed in a body, for medical, decorative, monitoring, or other purposes
  • Pacemakers - a medical device that uses electrodes to deliver electrical impulses to the heart muscles, regulating its beating