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William M. Holt
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William M. Holt has established a reputation at Intel Corporation for developing innovative advanced logic technologies and guiding them to high-volume production before industry competitors. With expertise that spans chip design, software, factory automation, and wafer testing, Mr. Holt has fostered a research, development, and manufacturing environment that encourages risk-taking but still delivers on time. Under Mr. Holt’s direction, Intel has rolled out six generations of new process technology, with each generation improving performance, lowering power consumption, and reducing cost per transistor. To help Intel bring its leading-edge technology to market as early as possible, Mr. Holt has to ensure internal cooperation among the groups he manages, which represent over 40,000 employees. Mr. Holt has been instrumental in leading the development of industry firsts such as the use of strained silicon to improve carrier mobility, high-k dielectrics combined with metal gates, and tri-gate transistors on 22-nm technology.

William Holt is currently Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel Corporation’s Technology and Manufacturing Group in Hillsboro, Oregon.