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Vivek Subramanian
Vivek Subramanian
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Kaustav Banerjee’s and Vivek Subramanian’s pioneering use of nanomaterials and radical innovations in devices, interconnects, circuits, and design methods for overcoming power, thermal, and other fundamental challenges in both nanoscale integrated circuits (ICs) and printed electronics have been crucial to the continued scaling of electronic devices, as well as increasing reliability and lowering costs of ICs and large-area printed/flexible electronics. Prof. Subramanian’s innovations to technology have provided pathways for 3D IC fabrication via demonstration of 3D nonvolatile memory and have also driven advances in fabrication techniques for large-area and flexible systems such as displays and RFID tags. Their work is also driving changes in chip architecture, circuit design, design automation, and chip packaging/cooling as well as physical aspects of wafer and display fabrication and interconnection structures. Profs. Banerjee and Subramanian have also made innovative contributions to the development of low-power and low-cost electronic noses and biosensors.

An IEEE member, Dr. Subramanian is currently a professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA.