Vernal Josephson

Vernal Josephson
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H.A.R.T. Peter Haas Award


Vernal Josephson was a graduate of Weber State College in Ogden, Utah, USA, and earned an M.S from Utah State University, Logan, Utah, in 1939. He earned a Ph.D in physics from McGill University in Montreal.

Dr. Josephson went to work at MIT's Radiation Laboratory developing radar techniques. He later moved to Los Alamos, N.M., USA, where he was involved in nuclear testing. In 1957 he moved to California to work at Aerospace Corporation, where he was senior staff scientist until his retirement in 1986.

Dr. Josephson was the first recipient of H.A.R.T.'s Peter Haas award in 1991.

Josephson died on March 11th, 1997.