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Since compact discs first began to supplant vinyl records as the delivery mechanism for audio, the demand for high-quality digital audio at low bit rates has risen exponentially. Dr. Ted Painter and Professor Andreas Spanias have provided a comprehensive study of the most significant developments in audio coding in “Perceptual Coding of Digital Audio.” The paper, with its discussions of perceptual coding building blocks, research literature and standards, serves as a tutorial for the novice, as a reference for the experienced practitioner and as a bibliographic roadmap for the expert researcher. Containing more than 400 references, it has been widely cited by researchers and practitioners in fields ranging from software development to human auditory perception.

Dr. Painter is a software architect in the Handheld Computing Division of Intel Corporation in Hudson, Mass. He specializes in the development of high-performance multimedia software for next-generation portable and wireless computing devices. His primary research interests are in speech and audio signal processing, perceptual coding and psychoacoustics.