Siegfried K. Wiedmann

Siegfried K. Wiedmann
Siegfried K. Wiedmann
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IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award
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Siegfried K. Wiedmann was born in Plochingen, Germany in 1938. He attended the Technical University of Stuttgart/Germany and received the Diplom-lngenieur degree in electronic engineering in 1963. In 1967 he received the Doctor-lngenieur degree from the same university.

From 1963 to 1967 he worked in the Department of Semiconductor Technologies at the University of Stuttgart. Besides teaching students, he was occupied with research work on semiconductor physics and circuit technologies with emphasis on the high-frequency behavior of p-n-junctions at large sinusoidal signals . In 1967 he joined the Applied Physics Department of the IBM Laboratories in Boeblingen/ Germany. He was engaged in the basic development of novel bipolar memory devices later applied to large-volume memory chip products. He was also involved in circuit and layout design of bipolar digital integrated circuitry. In 1969 he went on a temporary assignment to the IBM Corporation, Components Division, East Fishkill, N.Y., carrying on his work on low-power, high-density bipolar device / circuit techniques. He returned to IBM Germany in 1971. He has devised several new concepts for improving the density and performance of bipolar circuitry, and together with his partner, Dr. H. H. Berger, he has invented and explored the concept of Merged Transistor Logic.

Since 1973 Siegfried Wiedmann has been manager of a circuit design group in the Component Development Department of the Boeblingen IBM Laboratories . Presently, this group is mainly occupied with the development of high-density bipolar memory chips.

He has published 15 technical articles and holds 24 patents. In 1972 he received an Outs tanding Publication Award of the Nachrichtentechnische Gesellschaft for a paper on a bipolar memory device. He was also honored with the 1975 Annual Electronics Magazine Award for his leadership in electronics technology.

Siegfried Wiedmann lives with his wife, Waltraud, and his two sons in Stuttgart. He is an enthusiastic sportsman and likes mountain hiking and playing tennis in summer, and skiing in winter. He also enjoy pop music.

Siegfried K. Wiedmann, with Horst H. Berger, received the 1977 IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award "For the invention and exploration of the Merged Transistor Logic, MTL."