Horst H. Berger


Horst H. Berger
Horst H. Berger
Liegnitz, Germany
IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award


Horst Berger was born in Liegnitz, Germany in 1933. He attended the Technical Universities of Dresden and of Stuttgart/Germany and received the Diplom-Ingenieur degree in 1961. In 1970 he received the Doctor-Ingenieur degree from The Technical University of Aachen/Germany.

From 1959 to 1963 he was employed with Standard Electric Lorenz AG in Stuttgart, where he worked as a development engineer on mechanical aspects of digital magnetic tape units as well as on their control electronics. Later he was involved in cord memory development. In 1963 he went to the IBM Laboratories in Boeblingen/Germany. Initially he worked on the characterization of GaAs material and devices. From 1965 to 1967 he was assigned to IBM Corporation, East Fishkill, New York, where he participated in the development of the IBM MST logic circuit family. After returning to IBM Germany, he became interested in investigating the potential of bipolar technology for Large Scale Integration.

Together with his partner, Dr. S. K. Wiedmann, he developed the concept of merging device/circuit functions in bipolar technology. From this work a number of new ideas for high-density low power circuits resulted, culminating in the invention of Merged Transistor Logic in 1969. Horst Berger has also contributed to the detailed understanding and modelling of these new devices.

He has published 14 technical articles and holds 14 patents. In 1972 he was co-recipient of the Outstanding Publication Award of the German Nachrichtentechnische Gesellschaft, and in 1975 he received the Annual Electronics Magazine Award for leadership in electronics technology. Dr. Berger is continuing device/circuit .research work.

Horst H. Berger, with Siegfried K. Wiedmann, received the 1977 IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award "For the invention and exploration of the Merged Transistor Logic, MTL."