Pramod K. Varshney


Pramod K. Varshney
Associated organizations
Syracuse University
Fields of study
Remote sensing


Pramod K. Varshney’s pioneering work on distributed detection theory and data fusion methods have fueled the proliferation of wireless multisensor networks for the aerospace industry and other applications. Dr. Varshney’s distributed detection methods provide a more effective means of target detection by using a cooperative team of multiple sensors compared to using a single radar or sonar element. His 1997 Distributed Detection and Data Fusion (Springer-Verlag), a culmination of his pioneering work that began in 1983, was the first book published on the topic and has been cited extensively. His methods overcame the challenges of the distributed nature of sensing and the bandwidth constraints for communication of sensor information. Dr. Varshney has also made important contributions to image processing with methods for mutual information-based image registration, feature extraction, and classification using hyperspectral data. His stochastic resonance approach enhances mammogram images and improves the likelihood of early breast cancer detection.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Varshney is currently a Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University in New York.