Oral-History:IEEE Communications Society


IEEE Communications Society Oral Histories

The number that follows the interviewee's name is the interview's oral history code number, which uniquely identifies the interview in the IEEE History Center's archive. Please use this number when referring to an oral history.

In 1999, IEEE History Center staff recorded oral histories of select IEEE Communication Society members as part of a project marking the IEEE Communication Societies fiftieth anniversary. In addition, the IEEE Communication Society published A Brief History of Communications (2002) to mark its fiftieth anniversary. Other oral histories have been conducted with IEEE Communication Society members both before and after the special project.

Fred Andrews (1999) #380 - Digital Networks. Innovator and executive in the communications industry, IEEE Life Fellow, Frederick T. Andrews (1926- 15 September 2013) was President of the IEEE Communications Society, 1986-1987. He was elected to IEEE Fellow grade in 1973 for "contributions to digital transmission and to systems, and to transmission objectives and standards."

Paul Baran #378 - Packet Communications.

Vinton Cerf #355 - Internet. Cerf, a Marconi Fellow, an IEEE Life Fellow, and an Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) member, played a significant role in the setup of ARPANET and developed the Transmission Controlled Protocol (TCP) with Bob Kahn.

Donald C. Cox #364 - Cellular Telephone.

Joel Engel # 366 - Cellular Telephone.

Paul Green #373 - Spread Spectrum Communications, Optical Switching.

Irwin Jacobs #376 - Spread Spectrum Communications. Jacobs, Marconi Fellow, IEEE Life Fellow, and Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) member, co-founded the Linkabit consulting company and Qualcomm.

Amos Joel  (1992) #137 - Telephone Switching Systems.

Amos Joel  (1993) #163  - Telephone Switching Systems.

Richard Kirby #385  - Radio Standards.

Bob Lucky #361 - Digital Communications.

John Mayo #383 - Telephone Switching, T-1 Carrier System.

Laurence Milstein #381 - Spread Spectrum Communications.

Eugene O'Neill #415 - Satellite Communications.

Raymond Pickholtz (1999) #354 - Spread Spectrum Communications.

John Pierce #141, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - Satellite Communications.

Donald Schilling #356 - Spread Spectrum Communications, 3rd Generation Wireless.

Mischa Schwartz #360  - Information Theory, Data Networks, Education.

Jack Sipress #365 -  Undersea Cables.

Dick Snelling #395     Fiber Optics in Telephone Networks.

Keija Tachikawa #362 - Mobile Communications, 3rd Generation Wireless

Andrew Viterbi #377 -  Coding, Digital Communications. Viterbi, an IEEE Life Fellow and an Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) member, did theoretical and practical work on digital communications, including the development of the Viterbi algorithm. He co-founded Qualcomm, which developed the OmniTRACS system and the Eudora e-mail program.