Mortimer A. Schultz


Mortimer A. Schultz
Portland, ME, USA
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Nuclear engineering


Mortimer A. Schultz (IRE Senior Member, 1948) was born in Portland, Maine, on 21 March 1918. He received the B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in 1939.

From 1939 to 1945, Schultz worked at the Westinghouse Industrial Electronics Division, in Baltimore, Maryland, where Shultz engaged in television and low-frequency radar projects. After one year at Photoswitch, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a project engineer for military radar attachments, he returned to Westinghouse Research Laboratories, as section manager in charge of radar, sonar, and industrial control. When the nuclear submarine project started, Schultz transferred to the Westinghouse Bettis Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he worked on the development of the instrumentation and control system for the submarine, "Nautilus." In 1955, he was on loan to the Sherwood fusion project at Princeton, New Jersey, and on his return to Pittsburgh he became responsible for the design and operation of the Westinghouse Testing Reactor. In March 1961, Schultz opened his own nuclear consulting offices in Pittsburgh.

Schultz was Senior Member of the IRE and a member of the AIEE and the American Nuclear Society.