Ingolf Birger Johnson

Ingolf Birger Johnson
Ingolf Birger Johnson
Associated organizations
General Electric (GE)
Fields of study
IEEE Lamme Medal, IEEE Centennial award


Ingolf Birger Johnson was born on August 29th of 1913. He was a native New Yorker and earned his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic University in Brooklyn. Thereafter he entered the employ of the General Electric Company, where he was on the payroll from 1939 to 1978. With a wide range of interests and skills, Mr. Johnson variably worked on economics, lighting arc and high voltage phenomenon, surges and surge control, power stations and equipment, and extra high-voltage series capacitor system design and application. After retiring in 1978, Mr. Johson worked as a industry consultant.

Mr. Johnson won numerous awards for his research and contributions to the field. He was awarded the William Martin Habirshaw Award by the IEEE 1966, "for his contribution to the reliability and economy of electric power transmission particularly as affected by insulation requirements, and to the understanding of surge voltage phenomena." Then he was honored with the Steinmetz Award of GE in 1975, the IEEE Centennial award of 1984, and the IEEE Lamme Medal in 1986.

He was a life fellow of the IEEE and a member of Le Conseil international des grands réseaux électriques (CIGRE) and of the National Academy of Engineering. At the IEEE, he was Chairman of the IEEE Transmission and Distribution Committee and of the Surge Protection Development Committee.