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IEEE Vancouver Section History
Established date 1911/08/22
IEEE Region 7
IEEE Council
Geographic region Vancouver
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The Vancouver Section was established on August 22, 1911. The Section encompasses the geographical area of the province of British Columbia, except for Vancouver Island, which is part of the IEEE Victoria Section. The Section currently has around 2200 active members, including 325 students at BCIT, SFU, and UBC. It is the fourth largest Section in Canada. 

The Section operates on a fiscal year that runs from May - April of each year. The Annual General Meeting and election of new officers are held on the second Monday of each May. Meetings and social events are generally held from September - April.

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History Articles


On February 13, 2010 an Okanagan Subsection ( was established as a subsection of the Vancouver IEEE Section.

On February 13, 2010 a BC Northern Subsection was established as a subsection of the Vancouver IEEE Section.

Chapters & Affinity Groups

In March 2010, an Women in Engineering (WiE) Affinity group was established.

In October 2012, a Consultants Network Affinity group was established.

Historical Milestones

There are four dedications of IEEE Historical Milestones in the Vancouver Section.

Historical Artifacts

Oral History

These are a collection of interviews of leaders who have influenced technology in Vancouver.


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Section officers

Vancouver Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001-2002 Charles Henville Gruja Blagojevic Jose Marti Stephen Cheung
2002-2003 Gruja Blagojevic Stephen Cheung Dejan Lenasi Jose Marti
2003-2004 Stephen Cheung Jose Marti Rasvan Mihai Dejan Lenasi
2004-2005 Jose Marti Dejan Lenasi Paul Bowler Rasvan Mihai
2005-2006 Dejan Lenasi Rasvan Mihai Eugen Trandafir Paul Bowler
2006-2007 Rasvan Mihai Paul Bowler Robert Michael Leitch Eugen Trandafir
2007-2008 Paul Bowler Eugen Trandafir Mazana Armstrong Robert Michael Leitch
2008-2009 Eugen Trandafir Robert Michael Leitch Kouros Goodarzi Mazana Armstrong
2009-2010 David Michelson Mazana Armstrong Alon Newton Kouros Goodarzi
2011 Mazana Armstrong Kouros Goodarzi Steven Mcclain Alon Newton
2012 Kouros Goodarzi Alon Newton Balbir Gill Steven Mcclain
2013 Alon Newton Steven Mcclain Lee Vishloff Balbir Gill
2014 Steven Mcclain Balbir Gill Ophir Kendler Lee Vishloff
2015 Balbir Gill Lee Vishloff Venkataramakrishnan Vinnakota Ophir Kendler
2016 Lee Vishloff Venkataramakrishnan Vinnakota Guillaume Boisset Steven Mcclain
2017 Venkataramakrishnan Vinnakota Guillaume Boisset Nimesh Shah Steven Mcclain
2018 Guillaume Boisset Balbir Gill Steven Mcclain Nimesh Shah
2019 Balbir Gill Michael Paraskake Matthew Wilder Steven Mcclain
2020 Michael Paraskake Steven Mcclain Jacqueline Nichols Matthew Wilder
2021 Steven Mcclain Matthew Wilder Morteza Molaei Jacqueline Nichols

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