IEEE Shikoku Section History

IEEE Shikoku Section History
Established date 1998-11-14
IEEE Region 10
IEEE Council Japan
Geographic region Shikoku
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IEEE Shikoku Section covers the Shikoku Island, the fourth biggest island in Japan. It has about 450 members including students, at the end of August 2008. It was established in 1999 as the eighth regional section in Japan. Shikoku Island consists of four prefectures, each of which has a major university with a faculty of engineering. These four universities mainly involve the management of the Shikoku Section.

We have two student branches under our section, at two universities. The student branch at Kagawa University was set up in 2002, and the student branch at the University of Tokushima was established in 2008.

We received 2006 IEEE RAB Outstanding Small Section Award and 2006 R10 Distinguished Small Section Award.


Prof. Shigenori Ogose (Section Chair) received the 2006 IEEE RAB Outstanding Small Section Award at the R10 meeting in India, from Dr. Lewis M. Terman, the IEEE President.

Section Officers

Year Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer
1998-1999 Saburo Tazaki - - -
2000 Shiro Sakai - Katsushi Nishino Yoshiki Naoi
2001 Seiji Hata Kazunori Shimamura Shigeaki Ogose Hideyuki Sawada
2002 Kazunori Shimamura Kazuo Ono Masahiro Fukumoto Masanori Hamamura
2003-2004 Kazuo Ono Yoneo Yano Shinji Tsuzuki Mayumi Matsunaga
2005-2006 Yoneo Yano Shigeaki Ogose Hiroaki Ogata Hiroyuki Mitsuhara
2007-2008 Shigeaki Ogose Katsushi Iwashita Hiroyuki Tarumi Hideyuki Sawada
2009−2010 Katsushi Iwashita Shinji Tsuzuki Yukinobu Hoshino Kazunori Ueda
2011−2012 Shinji Tsuzuki Shinsuke Konaka HiroshiKai Takashi Sasaki
2013-2014 Shinsuke Konaka Hiroyuki Tarumi Masatake Akutagawa Takahiro Emoto
2015- Hiroyuki Tarumi Masanori Hamamura Yuichi Tanji Koichi Maru

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