IEEE Red River Valley Section History

IEEE Red River Valley Section History
Established date 1987-02-16
IEEE Region 4
IEEE Council
Geographic region Red River Valley
Region area
Principal cities
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Red River Valley Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001 Kristi Brooks Hossein Salehfar Floyd Patterson Floyd Patterson
2002 Hossein Salehfar Floyd Patterson Kenneth Lien Kenneth Lien
2003 Floyd Patterson Kenneth Lien Jodi Bullinger Jodi Bullinger
2004 Kenneth Lien Jodi Bullinger Saleh Faruque Saleh Faruque
2005 Jodi Bullinger Nathan Germolus Kelly Bjerke Kelly Bjerke
2006 Nathan Germolus Kelly Bjerke Michael Aguilar Michael Aguilar
2007 Kelly Bjerke Michael Aguilar Rajesh Kavasseri Rajesh Kavasseri
2008 Michael Aguilar Rajesh Kavasseri Jeffrey Patrick Jeffrey Patrick
2009 Rajesh Kavasseri / Michael Aguilar Michael Aguilar / Jesse Tomford Jesse Tomford / Troy Knutson Jesse Tomford / Troy Knutson
2010 Jesse Tomford Troy Knutson Gabriel Kainz Gabriel Kainz
2011 Troy Knutson Gabriel Kainz Benjamin Braaten Benjamin Braaten
2012 Gabriel Kainz Benjamin Braaten Ahmed Rabbi Ahmed Rabbi
2013 Benjamin Braaten Ahmed Rabbi Leila Azinfar Leila Azinfar
2014 Leila Azinfar Sajid Asif Na Gong Na Gong
2015 Kouhyar Tavakolian Na Gong Na Gong Na Gong
2016 Sajid Asif Sima Noghanian Arash Nejadpak Arash Nejadpak
2017 Na Gong Dan Li Dan Li Dan Li
2018 Sima Noghanian Jinhui Wang Jinhui Wang Jinhui Wang
2019 Dan Li Kristi Brooks Kristi Brooks Kristi Brooks
2020 Dan Li Kristi Brooks Kristi Brooks Kristi Brooks
2021 Dan Li Kristi Brooks Kristi Brooks Kristi Brooks

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