IEEE Oregon Section History

IEEE Oregon Section History
Established date 1909-05-18
IEEE Region 6
IEEE Council
Geographic region Oregon
Region area NWA
Principal cities
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IEEE Oregon Section History

Map of Oregon Section Territory

The Oregon Section was founded May 18,1909 as the Portland Section. It remained so until 1991 when the name was changed to Oregon. Its territory covers central and western Oregon and several counties in southwest Washington. Eastern counties are part of Boise, and Hermiston, Umatilla, Pendelton and La Grande are part of Richland.

The mission of the IEEE Oregon Section is to support our engineering community in the development of technology, to support the needs of local industry, and to advance our members' careers. We strive to make our section a center of innovative technical excellence.

Officers of the Oregon Section 1909-1981

Officers of the Oregon Section of the AIEE
Year Chairmen Secretary
1909-10 O. B. Coldwell L.B. Cramer
1910-11 L. B. Cramer F. D. Weber
1911-12 F.D. Weber H. R. Wakeman
1912-13 H. R. Wakeman G. P. Nock
1913-14 G. P. Nock R.F. Monges
1914-15 R. F. Monges P. Lebenbaum
1915-16 P. Ledenbaum L. T. Merwin
1916-17 L.T. Merwin J. C. Martin
1917-18 E. D. Searing R. M. Boykin
1918-19 R. M. Boykin W. D. Scott
1919-20 W.D. Scott E.F. Whitney
1920-21 E. F. Whitney W. C. Heston
1921-22 W. C. Heston D. W. Proebstel
1922-23 D. W. Proebstel E. F. Pearson
1923-24 E. F. Pearson H. P. Cramer
1924-25 H. P. Cramer L. W. Ross
1925-26 L. W. Ross J. C. Henkle
1926-27 J. C. Henkle J. E. Yates
1927-28 J. E. Yates L. M. Moyer
1928-29 L. M. Moyer H. H. Cake
1929-30 H. H. Cake A. H. Kreul
1930-31 A. H. Kreul C. W. Fleck
1931-32 R. J. Davidson F. M. Lewis
1932-33 F. M. Lewis V. B. Wilfrey
1933-34 V. B. Wilfrey W. Brenton
1934-35 W. Brenton J. Bankus
1935-36 J. Bankus S. E. Caldwell
1936-37 S. E. Caldwell C.C. Boozier
1937-38 C. C. Boozier C. B. Carpenter
1938-39 C. B. Carpenter Corbett McLean
1939-40 Corbett McLean J. A. Hooper
1940-41 J.A. Hooper D. L. Brown
1941-42 D.L. Brown C.E. Canada
1942-43 C. E. Canada A. O. Mangold
1943-44 A. O. Mangold W. E. Enns
1944-45 W.E. Enns O. A. Demuth
1945-46 O. A. Demuth W. M. Allen
1946-47 W. M. Allen M. D. Duffy
1947-48 M.D. Duffy M. M. Ewell
1948-49 M. M. Ewell Howard Arnett
1949-50 R. B. Temple Waldo Porter, Jr. 
1950-51 Howard Arnett J. D. Frantz
1951-52 Waldo Porter, Jr. W. G. Meyer
1952-53 J. D. Frantz F. J. Maas
1953-54 D. A. Riechel D. E. Heym
1954-55 F. J. Maas A E. Opdenweyer
1955-56 Robert R. Bracchi James G. Kirwin
1956-57 A. E. Opdenwyer L. H. Wolgast
1957-58 James G. Kirwan Clifford C. Diemond
1958-59 L.H.  Wolgast Cecil L. Brown
1959-60 C.C. Diamond P. M. Sweeny

Chairmen of the Oregon Section of the IRE
Year Chairmen
1942 R. W. Deardorff
1943 K. G. Clark
1944 W. A. Cutting
1945 Kenneth Johnson
1946 C. W. Lund
1947 Francis McCann
1948 O. A. Steele
1949 A. E. Richmond
1950 F. E. Miller
1951 L. C. White
1952 L. C. White
1953 G. C. EIllison, Jr.
1954 Howard Vollum
1955 J. M. Roberts
1956 J. M. Roberts
1957 D. C. Strain
1958 N/A
1959 J. C. Riley
1960 L. C. Hedrick
1961 M. L. Morgan
1962 M. L. Morgan

Chairmen of the Oregon Section of the IEEE
Year Chairmen
1966 William D. Walker
1967 William D. Walker
1968 Ralph S. Gens
1969 Lyman E. Rinker
1970 Glenn R. Meloy
1971 Edward J. Swenson
1972 Warren Collier
1973 Burton H. Jarvis
1974 Kennth E. Stevens
1975 N/A
1976  Charles K. Shanks
1977 E. J. Warchol
1978 Hans F. Neukom
1979-80 N/A
1981 William E. Triplett

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