IEEE Orange County Section History


IEEE Orange County Section History
Established date 1963-04-22
IEEE Region 6
IEEE Council
Geographic region Orange County
Region area SA
Principal cities
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OC Section

The IEEE Orange County Section has many active chapters and initiates. These are summarised below:

OC Computer Society

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OC Communications Society/Signal Processing Society Chapter

The OC Communication Chapter of the IEEE Communications Society was organized on October 25th 1995 by National Semiconductor engineer Dwight Borses, the chapter held its first monthly meeting in November 1995. The first meeting was very successful and monthly meetings have been held since. Our meetings feature prominent speakers and always provide a venue for making important local industry contacts.

In March of 2000, the chapter formed a joint chapter with the Signal Processing chapter of the IEEE Orange County section and become known as the ComSig chapter.

ComSig's mission is to: Enhance the knowledge and competence of our members and advance the communications and signal processing art. If you are already a Communications Society member or a Signal Processing Society member and live in Orange County, then you are automatically a member of ComSig. If not, then please consider joining with the 500 plus other Orange County engineers who are dedicated to advancing the communications and signal processing art. Other than the fellowship, there are many other reasons to join. First of all, you will receive a society magazine, a respected information source that many members consider the primary membership benefit. The magazine constantly seeks editors, authors and reviewers.

The technical heart of the Communications Society and of the Signal Processing Society is in their Technical Committees, which cover virtually all significant and hot topics in the field. The Technical Committees put together workshops, symposia, and sessions at major conferences, and lead the Societies into new technical areas. Any member of either Society can become a member of any Technical Committee by attending a few of its meetings, held at major conferences.

Each year, the two societies hold major conferences such as ICC, Globecom, and Infocom, which attract thousands of participants who have a desire to learn and much to share. The value of attending a single conference (at low member rates) frequently exceeds the entire cost of membership. The members find as much value in quiet discussions and in making and maintaining contacts as in the well-designed sessions themselves.

Orange County ComSig hold 8 to 12 meetings a year. Some are meetings on topic concerning our members only, some are joint meetings with the Orange County Computer chapter on topic of mutual interest. From time to time, we also hold meetings with the Los Angeles ComSoc chapter.

OC Consultants Network

The Orange County IEEE Consultants' Network (OCCN) was founded in May 1993 on the principle that networking, the sharing of ideas, experiences, referrals, resources, and extra workload, is good for business. Initially a spin off (or "local area network") of the IEEE Los Angeles Area Network, the OCCN has since become one of the largest of the 30 IEEE consultants' networks across the country.

Membership in the network is open to engineering and technical consultants in all engineering fields regardless of their IEEE affiliation to attract a broad basis of experience and technical knowledge.

Both networks were originally sponsored by the IEEE's Professional Activities Committee for Engineers (PACE) . Since then, each of these networks have come under the umbrella of the newly formed Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks (AICN), which is part of the Member Services Council of the IEEE's United States Activity Board (IEEE-USA).

OC Power Engineering Society/Industry Applications Society

OC Product Safety Engineering Society

OC Electromagnetic Compatibility Society

OC Microwave Theory and Techniques Society/Electron Devices Society

The OC MTT-S/ED-S Joint Chapter was approved on April 30th, 2003

OC Corporate Relations

This is a section initiative given the strong influence between the IEEE and local high tech business and corporates.

OC Game Engineers SIG

OC Robotics and Automation Society

OC Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS)

Student Chapters

UCI Student Chapter

CSUF Student Chapter

Hosted by the California State University of Fullerton.

CSULB Student Chapter

Hosted by the California State University Long Beach

Section Officers

Orange County Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001 Michael Martin Maung Nyeu Rhonda Tijerina
2002 Michael Martin Rhonda Tijerina
2003 Pierre Perra Khaled Amer Curtis Browne Paul Mountcastle
2004 Phillip Wheeler Khaled Amer Narayanan Srinivasan Curtis Browne
2005 John Gibson Narayanan Srinivasan John Collins Curtis Browne
2006 John Gibson John Collins Narayanan Srinivasan Phillip Wheeler
2007 Narayanan Srinivasan Pierre Perra Rick Gallaher Phillip Wheeler
2008 R Sampath Rick Gallaher Rick Gallaher Russell Hunter
2009 R Sampath Rick Gallaher Alvin Joseph Russell Hunter
2010 Russell Hunter Alvin Joseph Vish Dixit Gary Stephens
2011 Alvin Joseph John Collins Gary Stephens Michael Perlongo
2012 John Collins Alvin Joseph Shireesh Verma Mario Manansala
2013 Dr. Don V Black / Russell Hunter / Noah Flaum Mario Manansala / Russell Hunter / Noah Flaum Allen Kim Shireesh Verma / Pierre Perra / Brian Hagerty
2014 Massimo Mitolo Gora Datta Dwight Borses Arti Roth
2015 Massimo Mitolo Gora Datta Dwight Borses Arti Roth
2016 Gora Datta James Grise Raja Khabbaz Arti Roth
2017 Gora Datta Brian Hagerty Raja Khabbaz Arti Roth
2018 Raja Khabbaz Irvin Huang Dominic Massetti Gora Datta
2019 Raja Khabbaz Irvin Huang Dominic Massetti Gora Datta
2020 Irvin Huang Alberto Tam Yong Dominic Massetti Gora Datta
2021 Irvin Huang Alberto Tam Yong Dominic Massetti Gora Datta

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