IEEE Nebraska Section History

IEEE Nebraska Section History
Established date 1925-01-21
IEEE Region 4
IEEE Council
Geographic region Nebraska
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AIEE Nebraska Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1925 P.M. McCullough C.W. Minard
1926 C.W. Minard N.W. Kingsley
1927 N.W. Kingsley Roy Hagen
1928 C.D. Robinson
1929 D.H. Braymer W.O. Jacobi
1930 W.O. Jacobi A.L. Turner
1931 A.L. Turner C. Talsma
1932 Clarence Talsma H.S. Pahren
1933 H.S. Pahren T.H. Granfield
1934 T.H. Granfield C.E. Winn
1935 C.E. Winn H.M. Craig
1936 H.M. Craig J.C. Schultz
1937 F.W. Norris Ray Blain
1938 I.M. Ellestad O.E. Edison
1939 O.E. Edison C.F. Holdrege
1940 L.A. Bingham John M. Gibb
1941 D.J. DeBoer B.E. Ellsworth
1942 J.M. Gibb I.M. Ellestad
1943 C.P. Kahler I.M. Ellestad
1944 Donald Thomas I.M. Ellestad
1945 M.L. Burgess I.M. Ellestad
1946 Max Mattison I.M. Ellestad
1947 R.L. Schact James Pros
1948 A.A. Little Claude N. Allen
1949 F.C. Howard G.N. Allen
1950 C.S. Roadhouse C.N. Allen
1951 F.C. Clatterbaugh A.G. Johnson
1952 C.N. Allen A.R. Adams
1953 A.G. Johnson O.H. Brand
1954 H.L. Meyer E.J. Ballard, Jr.
1955 O.H. Brand W.A. Richardson
1956 E.J. Ballard, Jr. M.I. Risley
1957 W.A. Richardson P.T. Baird
1958 R.L. Hutto A.T. Kanaday
1959 P.T. Baird R.W. Shaw
1960-1961 C.R. Putzier E.G. Blythe
1962 E.G. Blythe H.E. James

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