IEEE Mid-Hudson Section History

IEEE Mid-Hudson Section History
Established date 1960-06-01
IEEE Region 1
IEEE Council
Geographic region Mid-Hudson
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Officers of the Mid-Hudson Section

The charts below include AIEE, IRE and IEEE Section Chairmen from 1947 through 1984.

AIEE Hudson Valley Subsection of the New York Section
Year Chairman
1947-48 H. A. McLaughlin
1948-49 M. S. Kozik
1949-50 W. E. Smalley
1950-51 M. F. Clement (begins to be listed as Hudson Valley Division, New York Section
1951-52 E. W. Paquin
1952-53 D. G. Muir
1953-54 A. D. Fellenzer, Jr.
1954-55 W. R. Peters
1955-56 N/A
1956-57 J. R. Vogel
1957-58 N/A
1958-59 N/A
1959-60 G. H. Lugert
1960-61 D. R. Zeissett (Hudson Valley Section organized June 1, 1960)
1961-62 N/A
1962-63 H. M. Round
IRE Mid-Hudson Subsection, New York Section
Year Chairman
1951 A. L. Samuel
1952 A. L. Samuel
1953 D. M. Saling
1954  E. J. Breidling
1955 E. A. Keller
1956 J. C. Logue
1957 Altman Lampe
1958 N/A
1959 R. R. Blessing
1960 W. D. Reiner
1961 R. J. Domenico
1962 R. J. Domenico
IEEE Mid-Hudson Section
Year Chairman
1963 N/A
1964 N/A
1965 N/A
Jan. 1966 George E. Hack
Sept. 1966 Neil Landau
Jan. 1967 Neil Landau
Sept. 1967 Raymond D. Suefellow
Jan. 1968 Raymond D. Suefellow
Sept. 1968 Richard W. Cobb
Jan. 1969 Richard W. Cobb
Sept. 1969 Roger F. Roosa
March 1970 Roger F. Roosa
Oct. 1970 Robert L'Archeveque
March 1971 Robert L'Archeveque
Oct. 1971 Leonard F. Winter
March 1972 Leonard F. Winter
Oct. 1972 George J. Rudy
March 1973 George J. Rudy
Oct. 1973 Ronald P. Brand
March 1974 Ronald P. Brand
Oct. 1974 Thomas J. Harris
March 1975 Thomas J. Harris
Oct. 1975 Helen J. Kelly
March 1976 Helen J. Kelly
Oct. 1976 Joseph M. Erhbacher
March 1977 Joseph M. Erhbacher
Oct. 1977 Donald L. Vandenbroek
March 1978 Donald L. Vandenbroek
Oct. 1978 Robert B. Renbeck
March 1979 Robert B. Renbeck
Oct. 1979 Naguib B. Rabbat
March 1980 Naguib B. Rabbat
Oct. 1980 Alfred Phillips, Jr.
March 1981 Alfred Phillips, Jr. 
Oct. 1981 V. L. Gani
March 1982 V. L. Gani
Oct. 1982 Michael S. Chester
March 1983 Michael S. Chester
Oct. 1983 C. M. Davis
March 1984 C. M. Davis

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