IEEE Iowa-Illinois Section History


IEEE Iowa-Illinois Section History
Established date 1954-06-24
IEEE Region 4
IEEE Council
Geographic region Iowa-Illinois
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AIEE Iowa-Illinois Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1954 C.B. Stoughton F.D. Newberry
1955 E.M. Miller W.E. Keefe
1956 F.D. Newberry C.W. Lauritzen
1957 W.E. Keefe L.L. Corbin
1958 Carl W. Lauritzen R.B. Miller
1959 L.L. Corbin R.O. Lichtenstein
1960-1961 R.B. Miller T.M. Shoemaker
1962 T.M. Shoemaker G.T. Cavanaugh

IEEE Section Officers

Iowa-Illinois Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001 David Barnhart Karl Kane Ali Chowdhury Karen Pedersen
2002 Karl Kane Karen Pedersen Ali Chowdhury
2003 Karen Pedersen Ali Chowdhury William Serre James Kulaga
2004 Ali Chowdhury James Kulaga Peter Schuster William Serre
2005 James Kulaga William Serre John Johnson Peter Schuster
2006 William Serre Peter Schuster James White John Johnson
2007 Peter Schuster Kevin Whitty James White
2008 John Johnson James White Muhammed Rahim Kevin Whitty
2009 James White Kevin Whitty Jacob Anderson Gary Monnard
2010 Kevin Whitty Gary Monnard David Tepen Jacob Anderson
2011 Gary Monnard Jacob Anderson John Dooley David Tepen
2012 Jacob Anderson David Tepen Martin Valentine John Dooley
2013 David Tepen John Dooley Matthew Leuschke Martin Valentine
2014 David Tepen Martin Valentine Tanvi Sikka Peter Barth
2015 Martin Valentine William Serre David Tepen Tanvi Sikka
2016 William Serre John Johnson Judah Richardson Nathan Veen
2017 John Johnson Judah Richardson Ji Sun James White
2018 John Johnson James White Judah Richardson Shadrack Roberts
2019 Judah Richardson James White Kenneth Kozol Shadrack Roberts
2020 Shadrack Roberts John Johnson Kenneth Kozol Judah Richardson
2021 Judah Richardson Stephanie Macuga Kenneth Kozol Jose Candelario

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