IEEE Erie Section History

IEEE Erie Section History
Established date 1918-01-11
IEEE Region 2
IEEE Council
Geographic region Erie
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AIEE Erie Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1918-1919 Clayton P. Yoder Scott S. Hill
1920 M.C. Goodspeed P.B. Mansfield
1921 C.H. Schum P.B. Jansfield
1922 W.J. Seibert M.W. Metzner
1923 M.W. Metzner L.H. Curtis
1924 B.L. Delack L.H. Curtis
1925 H.J. Hansen L.H. Curtis
1926 F.A. Tennant L.H. Curtis
1927 L.H. Curtis C.P. Yoder
1928 M.L. Elder A.W. Wennerstrom
1929 W.H. Pelton Geo. I. LeBaron
1930 G.R. MacDonald G.I. LeBaron
1931 P.R. Urich C.V. Roberts
1932 J.C. Milling C.V. Roberts
1933 W.D. Bearce F.B. Moore
1934 A.S. Goodrich F.B. Moore
1935 W.H. Reynolds W.D. Bearce
1936 J.W. Teker W.D. Bearce
1937 L.S. Cooper W.D. Bearce
1938 R.W. Barrell, Jr. W.D. Bearce
1939 F.H. Craton W.D. Bearce
1940 J.D. Heibel W.D. Bearce
1941 H.G. Moore W.D. Bearce
1942 W.I. Linlor W.D Bearce
1943 H.N. Shaw W.D. Bearce
1944 J. Hause W.C. Brown
1945 Harold S. Ogden Wilbur C. Brown
1946 Lanier Greer Wilbur c. Brown
1947 M.W. Kitzmiller F.T. Parker
1948 Charles L. Reed, Jr. F.T. Parker
1949 M.J. Kolhoff J.F. Davis
1950 K.H. Ishler G.H. Ramadanes
1951 C.B. Lewis G.H. Ramadanes
1952 F.D. Reese G.H. Ramadanes
1953 Richard Lamborn T.J. Warrick
1954 G.H. Ramadanes T.J. Warrick
1955 C.G. Moon T.J. Warrick
1956 J.C. Van Arsdell J.J. Grumblatt
1957 J.F. Davis J.J. Grumblatt
1958 E.H. Van Houten J.T. Duane
1959 T.J. Warrick J.T. Duane
1960-1961 C.C. Roberts R.M. Smith
1962 R.P. Ager R.L. Balke

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