IEEE Croatia Section History

IEEE Croatia Section History
Established date 1971-06-21
IEEE Region 8
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The Croatia Section is one of the three equal successors of the historic Yugoslav Section (1971-1992), which was founded on 21 June 1971. This date is therefore regarded as the Croatia Section´s founding date, as well as the founding date of the present Serbia Section and the present Slovenia Section.

The Croatia Section was approved under its present name on 1 August 1992.

Croatia Section commemorative flag, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its establishment, Helsinki, 1996.
Aleksandar Szabo (standing, right), the Croatia Section chair, receives the flag commemorating the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Croatia Section from the Region 8 Director Peer Martin Larsen (standing, left), at the Region 8 Committee Meeting in Helsinki in 1996.

History of the Croatia Section

The Croatia Section derives its roots from the Yugoslav Section (1971-1992). In 1992, following the wars in Yugoslavia, in which the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was dissolved as a state, a decision was made by the Executive Committee of the Yugoslav Section to form three new IEEE sections in newly established countries. The historic meeting at which this decision was organized by the Region 8 Director Kurt Richter, on April 30, 1992, in Graz, Austria. Those present included Baldomir Zajc from Ljubljana, Slovenia, as Yugoslav Section Chair; and two Executive Committee members, Aleksandar Szabo from Zagreb, Croatia; and George Paunovic from Belgrade, Serbia. They decided to petition for approval to form three new sections: Croatia Section and Slovenia Section, within the territorial limits of their respective countries, and the (new) Yugoslavia section, within the territorial limits of the (new) Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (later to be renamed to Serbia and Montenegro Section, in 2005).

Here is the petition letter, with list of petitioners, dated 1992, asking to create a Croatia Section of IEEE. (We are still missing the Congratulatory letter from IEEE acknowledging the creation of Croatia Section.)

Henceforth, the Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia and Montenegro sections regard August 1, 1992, as their "second birthday", being the date of formation under their new/present names. In 1996, all three Sections celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Notable events

2009 MGA Award Recipients Announced at its 21 November 2009 meeting, selected the following 2009 MGA Award recipients: ”MGA Innovation Award (Joint recipients) Marko Delimar (R8 - Croatia Section) and Ricardo Varela (R8 - U.K. Rep Of Ireland Section): “For the creation, development, and implementation of the IEEEXtreme Programming Contest."

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