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Batch-Processed Alphanumeric Displays - Talk given by R.I. Klein on 8/21/68

Communication Trends and Problems - Technical symposium on communications, Communication Trends and Problems, presented by Rob Eldridge

Credibility and the Public Trust - Summer Power Meeting, 7/16/1974 7, PM Evening Session, Disneyland Hotel, panel: Frank Jenkins (mod), James Foy, Tom Harris, Bill Hayes, Ed Meyers, Larry Pryor

Fuels for Electric Power for the Next Ten Years - Joseph Brennan, Gerald Gunning, Milton Searl, John W. Landis, recorded July 16th, 1974

How to Beat Swords into Plowshares: Technology Utilization - 72-S-02 - A series of talks about engineering and problem solving in the civic sector as opposed to military and space. Taken from a panel at WESCON 72. Contributors: R.L. McGinley; Dr. Marshall Alper; Clare Farley; Dr. Frank Hersman.

IEEE ICC 1976 Keynote Luncheon - Benjamin L. Hooks - Benjamin Hooks, a comissioner of the Federal Communications Commission from 1973 to 1978 and executive director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People from 1977 to 1992, speaking at the IEEE International Communications Conference, Philadelphia, 6/14/1976, on competition in the carrier industry, regulations on public interest and the FCC.

Intelligence in Instrumentation - WESCON Session 22, September 13th, 1973, 10 AM, panel: France Rode, Richard Blackwell, Jr., Bruce Hamilton, Leo Chamberlain, Rudolf Panholzer, chairman

Meet the Engineer - Stanley Zebrowitz - Meet the Engineer is sponsored by IEEE Philadelphia Section, and hosted by Harry Rappaport. The guest engineer is Stanley Zebrowitz, who discusses transmission systems. Recorded 04-22-1969

Microelectronics Comes of Age - Systems of the Future - Talk by Wolfgang W. Gaertner, circa 1967 on the near future of microelectronics.

Our Environment - Options on the Way and to the Future - Philip Sporn, keynote talk "Our Environment - Options on the Way and to the Future", followed by Panel of: William R. Gould, R. Phillip Hammond, J.P. Vicassin Jr. (sp?), Frederick H. Warren, James E. Watson. 1972? Power conference

Women in High Technology Industries - 72-S-03 - A discussion panel given at the 1973 IEEE WESCON conference devoted to women in high technology industries. The panel is composed of executives who have had personal experience with the problems connected with the achievement of improved utilization of women in managerial and professional positions within high technology industries. Discussed are the motivational forces that have to take place in industry for women to advance, the aspiration level of women, upward mobility including women in management, and various types of sexism and discrimination women encounter in the field. After the panelists finish speaking, a Q&A session followed, with participation of the audience.

IEEE 1969 International Convention and Exhibition

Automation for Health - Gerald Cohen, National Institutes of Health, chair, Bruce Waxman, (unable to attend, read by Cohen), "Technological Opportunities for the Delivery of Health Care", George Webb, Johns Hopkins Hospital, "One View of Automation for Patient Clinical Care"

Living and Working in Space - Wernher von Braun, chair, remarks on earth orbit space stations, Walton L. Jones, "Manned Systems Interfaces", Douglas Lord, "A Timetable for Space Stations", Walter Cunningham, "Experiences with Living and Working in Space", [E.Z. Gray], [American industry's role in space program]

System Technologies in Politics and Economics - W.W. Seifert, MIT, "The Impact of Technology on Transportation" (only very end of talk), Arthur Barber, Institute for Politics and Planning, "The Impact of System Technology on Education", Cesar Cacerers, National Center for Health Services, "Impact of System technology in Healthcare Delivery", Leland Johnson, Rand Corporation, "Impact of Technological Advance on the National Telecommunications System", Manfred Altman, Utilization Center for Urban Research and Engineering, "Impact of System Technology on Urban Development"

Where is the Electrical Engineering profession headed? - Sy Herwald Jr., IEEE Past President, VP Westinghouse, William Linville, Stanford, John L. McLucas, United States Under Secretary of the Air Force, Tom Rogers, office of research development of housing and urban development department, Vladimir [Sefirov], Popov Society, Eric Walker, president, Penn State University, NAE

Comments on Corporate Financial Success - Herbert Roth, "Problems associated with companies in turnaround situations", Benjamin Barth, VP Conrac, "A growing but substantial company and their problems in the use of financial controls"

LSI In Use - Jack Field, "Operational Computer aided systems and MOS-LSI Design procedure", Joe Campeau, "The Block Oriented Computer", J.B. Herzog, "The LIMAC: An LSI demonstration vehicle", Bill Wickes", "LSI in use: The practical approach"

Communications and the Computer - Lawrence G. Roberts, Advanced Research Projects Agency, Office of Sec of Defence, "Research Sharing Computer Networks", Gerald Estrin, UCLA, "Bottlenecks in Architecture of Computer-Communications Studies", Sam Estes & Ray Kerby, IBM, "Communication Requirements for Computers", R.W. Lucky, Warren Cornell & EE David (on panel only), Bell Labs, "Computers from the Communications Viewpoint"

Conference Sessions (video)

American Control Conferences


2000 ACC Plenary Sessions - Bob Narendra, "Control Systems - Past Present and Future", Andy Teal, "Perspective and developments on the Anti-Wind Problem"


Lets Control Everything - by Christos G. Cassandras

Enterprise Optimization in Process Industries and Beyond - by Tariq Samad

Challenges, Theory and Applications in Process Control - by Richard Braatz

Evening Session with Otto Mayr

Stuart Bennett interviews Otto Mayr



1994 PACE Conference and Workshop, MAC Plenary, GAC Plenary, Keynote Speaker - "Coping with Defense Downsizing: Lessons for all Engineers", V. William Souveroff, Executive Director, National Center for Career Change; "Engineering Skills Assessment", Charles K. Alexander, Jr., Chairman, USAB; "The Fate of US Engineers", David M. Osterfeld, Chairman, IEE-USA Government Activities Council (GAC Plenary); "Technical Professionals: Expectations and Requirements", Christopher H. Bajorek, VP, Technology, Development and Manufacturing, IBM Storage System Product Division; "Going Back to the Future", Mauro Togneri, VP, Measurement and Automation Group, MTS Systems Corporation, Product Division; "The Realities of Competitiveness and Career Potential at Mid-Decade", Arthur Stern, Chairman, US Competitiveness Committee; "Information Networking in the Nineties", Celia Desmond, Vice President, Member Affairs, IEEE Communications Society

IEEE-USA 1994 PACE Conference - TPC Plenary, CAC Plenary, Luncheon - "People, Technology, and Opportunities" - Jeffrey J. Jacobsen, Vice President, Kopin Corporation introduced by Will Stackhouse, Senior Executive Staff, Strategy and Advanced Technology, MCI Communications; "Career Development in A Rapidly Changing World", George F. McClure, Chairman, IEEE-USA Career Activities Council; "Industry 2000: Professional vitality and Lifelong Learning", Kenneth R. Laker, IEEE VP, Educational Activities; "Engineers and Employment in the Global Economy", Edith Holleman, Counsel, Science Space and Technology Committee, US House of Representatives

Professional Skill Development Program - Charles K. Alexander, Chairman, USAB; Jim Watson, Communications Advisor, USAB; K. James Phillips, Jr., PACE Precollege Education Program Coordinator, Region 2


IEEE Organizational Improvement - Session on IEEE Organizational improvement with background followed by New England Town Hall Panel. Moderator - Charles Lessard; background - Fernando Aldana; New England Town Hall panel - Joel Snyder, Martha Sloan, Tom Cain, Henry Bachman

Change and Challenge, An Industry Perspective - Kent M. Black, Rockwell International Corporation

The Engineer's Role in National Technology Policy - J. Mark Pullen, Co-vice Chair, Technology Policy Council; James E. Gover, 1992-1995 IEEE-USA Competitiveness Fellow

Career Advancement Talks - "In Pursuit of a Resilient Career", George F. McClure, Chair, Career Policy Council, Paul J. Kostek, Chair, Career Maintenance and Development Committee; "Engineering Your Career", Peggy G. Hutcheson, President, the Odyssey Group; "Advancement and Survival", John Hoschette, Career Maintenance and Development Committee; "IEEE Resources", Daniel W. Jackson, Chair, EAB Professional Development Committee

Immigration Issues - moderated by Charles S. Lessard, Vice Chair, USAB, Chair, PACE Network; "Foreign-Born Engineers and the U.S. Labor Market", David S. North, author of "Soothing the Establishment: The Impact of Foreign-born Scientists and Engineers on America"; "Case Studies", Lynn (Wooty) Sixel, columnist, "The Houston Chronicle"; "Skilled Immigration: Opportunities or Displacement", Edith Holleman, Washington DC Representative, American Engineering Association

IEEE-USA 1996 Technology Policy Council Symposium

Is There a Role for the US Government in Technology Development? - welcoming remarks, Robert S. Powers, Chair, IEEE-USA Technology Policy Council; "Congressional Viewpoints (part 1)", Rep. George E. Brown, Jr., Ranking Minority Member, US House Science Committee; "Public-Interest Viewpoints": Erich Bloch, Distinguished Fellow Council on Competitiveness; Edward Hudgins, Director of Regulatory Studies, The CATO Institute; Stewart D. Personick, VP, Information Networking Research, Bellcore; "Industrial Technology": Vinton Cerf, Senior VP, MCI; Robert Galvin, Chairman of the Executive Board, Motorola; "Government Technology": Anita Jones, Director, Defense Research and Engineering, US Dept. of Defense; Lionel (Skip) Johns, Associate Director of Technology, Office of Science and Technology Policy; "Other Viewpoints": Neil Munro, staff writer, Washington Technology; Howard Rosen, executive director, Competitiveness Policy Council; "Congressional Viewpoints (part 2)", Sen. Conrad Burns, Chair, US Senate Commerce; Subcommittee of Science, Technology and Space

Robotics and Automation Conference Video Proceedings

Robotics and Automation Conference Video Proceedings, 1997‎

Robotics and Automation Conference Video Proceedings, 1998‎

Robotics and Automation Conference Video Proceedings, 1999‎

Robotics and Automation Conference Video Proceedings, 2000

Vehicular Technology Society Conference

Awards presentations at the IEEE VTS Conference at Dallas in 1986

Old Time Radio Night - 21 May 1991 Vehicular Technology Conference. Slide Presentations by Al Gross, Stu Meyers, Charlie Higginbottom, Roger Madden and Fred Link

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Excerpts from Conference Business Report, 2007 - Contains charts and figures for IEEE Conferences sponsored and attendance from 1990-2006