IEEE Columbus Section History

IEEE Columbus Section History
Established date 1922-03-17
IEEE Region 2
IEEE Council
Geographic region Columbus
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The IEEE Columbus Section was founded on 17 March 1922.

On 13 May 2009 (the 125th anniversary of the founding of IEEE), IEEE History Center Director Dr. Michael N. Geselowitz gave the following presentation, which included highlights of Columbus' technological history:

AIEE Columbus Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1904 L.G. White M.C. Hull
1905 F.L. Sessions H.R. Allensworth
1906 F.W.C. Bailey H.L. Cook
1907-1909 R.J. Feather H.L. Bachman
1922 F.C. Caldwell F.C. Nesbitt
1923 E.M. Fitz A.W. Janowitz
1924 F.R. Price O.A. Robins
1925 R.J.B. Feather W.T. Schamaker
1926 A.W. Janowitz E.A. Williams
1927 F.C. Nesbitt W.E. Metzger
1928-1929 W.E. Metzger R.A. Brown
1930 C.D. Price K.Y. Tang
1931 W.L. Everett Roy Mallory
1932 K.Y. Tang H.L. Willson
1933 R.C. Putnam C.A. Harrington
1934 E.E. Dreese F.W. Marquette
1936 E.E. Kimberly V. Frederiksen
1937 C.D. Price W.L. Everitt
1938 H.W. Bibber N.J. Greene
1939 F.T. Atkinson N.J. Greene
1940 F.A. Teach D.E. Stafford
1941 D.E. Stafford S.A. Martin
1942 S.A. Martin S.O. Evans
1943 S.O. Evans R.W. Miner
1944 R.W. Miner E.M. Boone
1945 N.J. Greene O.E. Holzer
1946 E.D. Ayres E.E. Kimberly
1947 Robert C. McMaster Edward J. Ramaley
1948 Chester K. Bishop Roger L. Merrill
1949 N.L. Greene C.E. Warren
1950 R.L. Merrill Floyd Knapp
1951 C.E. Warren A.P. Jerencsik
1952 F.H. Knapp E.K. McCoy
1953 E.K. McCoy G.W. Holton
1954 Ben Harbage W.E. Best
1955 W.E. Best F.C. Weimer
1956 C.H. Varnfield P.L. Gilmore, Jr.
1957 F.C. Weimer E.O. Wolden
1958 P.L. Gilmore K.L. Livensparger
1959 E.O. Wolden P.N. Curtis
1960-1961 G.R. Tramplin W.Z. Gingrich
1962 W.Z. Gingrich J.D. Cowan, Jr.

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