IEEE Alexandria Student Branch History



The IEEE Alexandria Student Branch was founded in the academic year 2000-2001. Since then, the Branch has been one of the most active branches established under Egypt's Local Section.

Egypt's Section in turn does occupy a significant situate among many other sections in Region8 - the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The Alexandria Student branch has more than 600 members of different Sections and grades; this makes it the biggest student branch in region 8 and second biggest student branch all over the world.

The strategy of IEEE AlexSB is to handle a series of activities and facilitate services for its members allowing them to keep up with the new technologies emerging everywhere. AlexSB tries to fasten the innovation in technology by addressing and motivating anyone interested in technology, positive science and engineering. We help them get ahead of their boundaries, stop restricting themselves with university and allow them to carry themselves to a national and international level.

Eventually, all of what preceded is to give our members a hand in charting their expected careers catching better jobs after graduation. Thanks to everyone who is willing to spend some of his time trying to improve this branch and hope all members to help us doing what is good to our nation.

IEEE AlexSB vision statement: "We want every Egyptian Engineer to be knowledgeable, self motivated, professional, creative, visionary, innovative, always up-to-date and competently playing his role in shaping the future of science and technology."


IEEE Alexandria University Student Branch (IEEE AlexSB) was founded in the academic year 2000-2001. Since then, the Branch has been one of the most active branches established not only under Egypt's Local Section, but also in the whole of IEEE Region 8 [1] which includes Europe, Africa and the Middle East

From the year of 2000-2001 till 2005 the branch has not been really active as it was still a small branch that just started, and there were no record for the branch’s activity at that time.

The first major achievement of IEEE AlexSB was Interact with Today’s World (or simply, ITW). ITW is a series of high-quality conferences held at Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) and organized by IEEE Alexandria University Student Branch, aiming at delivering the required up-to-date technical and nontechnical knowledge to Egypt’s brightest engineering students and fresh graduates.

In 2005, IEEE AlexSB organized the very first “Interact with Today’s World”Conference (ITW’05), and it was a really successful big event that gave AlexSB the belief that they can be one of the best Student branches all over the world and by now, this belief came true; IEEE AlexSB became one of the most active student branches worldwide with a very positive global recognition.

In 2007 the branch organized 12 events; seminars, visits and meetings. Also, it organized two mega events; AlexScope and Come to know series.

In 2008 the biggest achievement was “ITW’08” ,in the same year there had been an article written about IEEE AlexSB in the IEEE POTENTIALS Magazine, the article was titled “A pearl of wisdom”. Besides, the branch won the IEEE Darrel Chong Student Activity Silver Award[2] for the Event ITW’08 “Interact with Today’s World 2008”. In 2008, the student branch also participated in IEEE SBC2008 held in London, England.

In 2008/2009, IEEE AlexSB[3] organized 4 Seminars, 6 Visits, 7 Courses, 6 Study Groups, 1Contest, and ITW’09, in which the approximate number of attendees reached about 2000 attendees.

In 2009/2010, IEEE AlexSB was the largest student branch in the whole of Region 8, and the second largest one worldwide regarding the number of members, in this year AlexSB organized 8 Seminars, 7 Visits, 8 Courses, 2 Workshops, 5 Study Groups, 1 Contest, Engineer^3 ;one-day conference and for sure ITW’10, where the approximate number of attendees reached 2500. AlexSB was a runner up in the IEEE Student Branches Website Contest. In 2010 , AlexSB participated in the IEEEXtreme 4.0 Competition with 9 teams of about 26 IEEE participant members. In addition, the branch participated in IEEE SBC 2010 (IEEE Student Branch Congress) held in Leuven, Belgium, in which the branch won IEEE Exemplary Student Branch Award for the academic year 2009/2010.

In 2010/2011, IEEE AlexSB has organized the IEEE Day, participated in ME-SBC (Middle East - Student Branch Congress) held in Doha, Qatar,organized several seminars, courses and visits. In September 2011, the fifth episode of ITW was organized.

2011/2012 was a memorable academic year in the history of IEEE AlexSB. The branch won the exemplary award for the third time in a row, participated in SBC 2012 in Madrid, Spain and, in addition to all the typical activities such as visits, courses and seminars, organized more than one major event:

Interact with Today’s World – ITW'12

For the first time ITW was officialy recognized as an IEEE SPAA (Student Professional Awareness Activity) event. Also this version witnessed the presence of international speakers for the first time, including Prof. Dr. Ali El-Moussa, IEEE Region 8 Vice-CHair for Member Activities and IEEE Region 8 Secretary Elect, and Prof. Dr. David Schatz from MIT and Witricity.

“Eureka!” Research Program

A program IEEE AlexSB initiated n Alexandria University, to encourage undergraduate students to conduct their own research projects. The program started by a series of talks and seminars to encourage them to participate in the program. Currently, in the second stage, the students are with professors on research projects, and the program is planned to continue in the future.

Integrating Engineers by Management

This event includes several sessions that are given by business experienced speakers to develop the attendees’ business background and to teach them several business tactics that help them have successful, one of a kind and profitable business. The event includes also several workshops to model business real life situations.

The attendees are divided into teams to work on the simulated business real life situations as projects. These situations include various problems they may face in real life; each team works in harmony to get through all the previously mentioned obstacles to reach a cemented and well established business.

High Dam Visit

A three day visit to the High Dam in Aswan, where students get the chance to observe the technology used there.

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