George Morton

George Morton
George Morton
New Hartford, NY, USA
Associated organizations
RCA (Radio Corporation of America)
Fields of study
Electron devices


George A. Morton (IRE Associate, 1939; Senior Member, 1946; and Fellow, 1951) was born in New Hartford, New York, on 24 March 1903. He received the B.S. degree in electrical engineering, in 1926; the M.S. degree in electrical engineering, in 1928; and the Ph.D. degree in physics, in 1932, all from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Morton worked as a Research Associate and Instructor at M.I.T., from 1927 to 1933. Then he joined the Research Laboratory of RCA Manufacturing Company, Camden, New Jersey, in 1933, as a Research Engineer. In 1941, he transferred to RCA Laboratories in Princeton, New Jersey, as a Research Section Head, and more than one decade later, in 1954, he became Associate Director of the Physical and Chemical Research Laboratory. In 1962, he was Director of the Conversion Devices Laboratory, Electron Tube Division, RCA Laboratories, Princeton.

During World War II, Morton labored as a Section Member, National Defense Research, and a member of the AAF Advisory Board, NDRC, RDB Panel IR. He received the IEE Overseas Premium Award and Air Force, Navy, and Army Certificates for War Research. In addition, he co-authored "Television" (1940 and 1954) and "Electronic Optics and the Electron Microscope" (1945). Morton was a Fellow of the IRE and the American Physical Society, and a Member of the AIEE, the AAAS, and Sigma Xi. G.A. Morton received the 1962 IEEE Vladimir K. Zworykin Award "For his contribution to electronic television through the development of camera and imaging tubes."