George A. Hamilton


George A. Hamilton
George A. Hamilton
Cleveland, OH, USA
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Western Union Telegraph Company, Western Electric Company
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GEORGE ANSON HAMILTON, AIEE vice-president 1884-86, and national treasurer for the 35-year period 1895-1930, was elected an Honorary Member of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers on May 22, 1933. In addition to this unusual record of service, Mr. Hamilton served on the Edison Medal and executive committees for a great many years, and on the first editing committee and the committee on permanent quarters. He was a member of the original committee of 5 on organization. Mr. Hamilton was born at Cleveland, Ohio, December 30, 1843. In 1861, he bcame a messenger at Salem, Ohio, but two months later was made manager of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad office at Ravenna. Illness forced him to relinquish this position in 1863, but upon his recovery he went to Pittsburgh as operator and manager of the Inland Company. In 1865, he became manager of the United States Telegraph Company's office at Franklin, Pa., but returned to Pittsburgh in 1866 as chief operator and circuit manager, and remained until 1873 when the Western Union Telegraph Company absorbed his company.

During 1873-75 he was assistant to Prof. Moses G. Farmer, an Honorary Member of the Institute, and a pioneer electrical inventor. Here Mr. Hamilton received much valuable experience. In 1875 he became assistant electrician of the Western Union Telegraph Company, New York, N.Y., being appointed chief electrician of the repair expedition of the Key West-Havana Cable the following year. He participated in the establishment and maintenance of the first quadruplex telegraph circuits, and carried out experiments preliminary to establishing the Wheatstone high-speed automatic system in this country. In 1889 he became engineer for the Western Electric Company, New York, N.Y., supervising the production of fine electrical instruments. He retained this position until his retirement in 1909.

Mr. Hamilton was the first Vice-President of the AIEE (1884-86), and has been its National Treasurer since 1895, and a Fellow in 1913. He has for many years been a member of the Edison Medal and Executive Committees. His other memberships include Institution of Electrical Engineers (Great Britain), Société Francaise des Electriciens, Societe Francaise de Physique, and Societe Beige d'Astronomie

Professional Honors

(A'84, M'84, F'13, member for life)

Honorary Member 1933

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