Geoffrey E. Hinton


Geoffrey E. Hinton
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University of Toronto
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IEEE Frank Rosenblatt Award


Geoffrey E. Hinton helped establish the field of machine learning and has dedicated his research to understanding how the human brain works and how this knowledge can be applied to provide machines with brain-like capabilities for performing complex tasks. Prof. Hinton pioneered backpropagation learning algorithms for training neural networks and has revolutionized machine learning several times over. His work on deep learning provides a better model of biological learning than previous methods. By employing multiple levels, it is capable of producing the type of deep hierarchy of abstract representations that are known to exist in the brain. His work has provided revolutionary changes in speech recognition technology and his algorithms have been applied to collaborative filtering and object recognition.

Dr. Hinton is a university professor with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, Canada, and a Distinguished Researcher at Google Inc. Hinton was the recipient of the 2014 IEEE Frank Rosenblatt Award.