Francis Edward Butler

Francis Edward Butler
Alberta, Canada


Francis Edward Butler was born on 29 August 1924 in Alberta, Canada. He received his bachelors of mechanical engineering from Howard University in 1950 and a certificate in project management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 1969. Butler was a project manager at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory in White Oak, Maryland, from 1951-1966 and was a research and management engineer for the US Naval Ordnance System Command in Washington.

Butler was a member of ASME and NSPE and won the Torpedo Signal Award in 1956. He was awarded U.S. patent #2,803,807 for audible underwater signalling, #2,912,929 for drill mine Mk 50-0, #2,991,441 for a watertight electrical connector, and #3,086,464 for a detachable practice mine session.