Emil M. Petriu

Emil M. Petriu
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The next generation of integrated circuitry, featuring reconfigurability, selfrepair, fault-tolerance and self-manageability relies on chips that can effectively self-test. The paper "Fault Tolerant Systems Design in VLSI Using Data Compression Under Constraints of Failure Probabilities," published in the December 2001 issue of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation an Measurement by Sunil R. Das, Chittoor V. Ramamoorthy, Mansour H. Assaf, Emil M. Petriu and Wen-Ben Jone is a powerful reference for professionals who develop these new chips. The paper offers a lucid case for the importance of response data compaction, as well as an extensive overview of the various built-in self-test (BIST) methods available.

University of Ottawa School of Information Technology and Engineering professor Emil M. Petriu has published 160 papers; co-authored two books, Modern Digital Measuring Techniques and 8080 Microprocessor in Applications; and received two patents. A pioneer of absolute position measurement and object recognition techniques using pseudorandom encoding, Petriu is a Fellow of the IEEE, Canadian Academy of Engineering and the Engineering Institute of Canada. He also serves on technical committees of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement and IEEE Robotics and Automation societies.