Elliot Gruenberg


Elliot Gruenberg
New York, NY, USA
Associated organizations
W.L. Maxon Corporation, J.H. Bunnell Co.
Fields of study


Elliot L. Gruenberg (IRE Member, 1943 and Senior Member, 1950) was born in New York, N.Y. on 16 March 1918. He received the B.E.E. degree from the College of the City of New York, in 1938.

Gruenberg started employment with the U.S. Army Signal Corps, as Junior Engineer inspecting radio and navigation systems such as instrument landing localizers. In 1944, he joined the Technical Devices Corporation, Roseland, New Jersey, as Quality Control Engineer. From 1947 to 1951, he was Senior Engineer with the J.H. Bunnell Co., Brooklyn, New York., working on the design of military radio receiving and transmitting equipment.

From 1951 to 1958, Gruenberg was with the W.L. Maxon Corporation. As Manager of Staff Engineering, he directed activity in radar systems, ECM, ECCM, telemetry, and navigation applied to defense and control systems. In 1958, Gruenberg joined the Federal Systems Division of the IBM Corporation, where he was Technical Leader on advanced defense concepts studies concerned with ballistic missile defense. He contributed to studies in radar, communications, and telemetry for space tracking and surveillance, missile defense and control, intelligence, and air traffic control. In 1962, he was Manager of the Space Communications Systems Center, Rockville, Maryland.

Gruenberg was awarded patents on classified electronic devices and radar system improvements, and is co-inventer of the FASTAR system. In 1962, he served as Editor-in-Chief of the "Handbook on Telemetry and Remote Control," published by McGraw-Hll Book Company, Inc., New York, N.Y.