Archives:National Air Council Lectures


In 1948-49 the Library of Congress and the National Air Council sponsored a series of four lectures which were given at the Library of Congress. The lectures were designed to portray the impact of aviation in the world we live in. The purpose of the series was to focus attention on the influence which aviation exerts over so many aspects of life in the contemporary world, and to provide an opportunity for qualified persons to engage in informed discussion of the public issues involved. The lectures in this series were:

  1. Fundamentals of Air Power” by Dr. John C. Cooper, member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, author of "The Right to Fly", and a recognized international air authority.
  2. “Air Transportation and National Defense” by C.R. Smith, Chairman of the Board for American Airlines.
  3. “Aviation History- 1903-1960” by John K. Northrop, President, Northrop Aircraft, Inc. and President of Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences.
  4. “The Economic Consequences of Air Power” by J. Carlton Ward Jr., Chairman and President of the Board for Fairchild Corporation.