Yutaka Tsukada


Yutaka Tsukada
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Mr. Yutaka Tsukada, managing director of the Advanced Packaging Laboratory at Kyocera SLC Technologies Corporation in Shiga-Kan, Japan and formerly with IBM Japan, revolutionized printed circuit board (PCB) packaging and made it possible to bond chips onto low-cost PCBs. Radically changing the structure of PCBs, Mr. Tsukada pioneered the development of build-up PCB micro-vias and developed a solution for underfill, reinforced flip-chip bonding. This allowed a single, build-up layer to replace as many as four layers of conventional PCB wiring at a lower cost. These technologies are used in most PCB applications, including cellular telephones, PC processors, digital signal processors, digital cameras and workstation components.

An IEEE Member, Mr. Tsukada served as vice president of the Japan Institute of Electronic Packaging. An IBM Fellow, his other honors include the IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award and the IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society's Presidents Award.