William F. Bailey


William F. Bailey
Buffalo, NY, USA
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Radar, Television
Centennial Medal


William F. Bailey was born in Buffalo, N.Y., USA. His career started at the age 13 when he won a competition in New York City to see who could build a radio in the shortest possible time. He received a B.S. and an M.S. at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J., USA.

Mr. Bailey spent his entire career at Hazeltine. He started in black and white television, before his efforts were interrupted by World War II. While in the Navy he designed equipment for the Interrogate, Friend, Foe (IFF) system designed to reduce friendly fire.

At Hazeltine he developed much of the theory and technology for color television. He then worked with the Institute of Radio Engineers, other manufacturers and the government to establish national standards for color TV that are still in use today.

Mr. Bailey was awarded the Centennial Medal in 1984 for his long years of service to the IEEE and the IEEE Long Island Section. He served for many years as an usher in his church and would visit the sick and hospitalized members of the parish.

Bailey died on February 22nd, 1998.