Wilbur Rautio


Wilbur Rautio
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Conax Buffalo Corporation


Wilbur Rautio served in the U.S. Army for four years before attending Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Mich., USA. He graduated in 1949 and joined Tuttle and Kift Inc. of Chicago, where his innovations included the extended terminal design for metal-sheathed heating elements.

In 1963 he joined Conax Buffalo Corporation, Buffalo, N.Y., USA, as a project engineer. He was appointed chief engineer in 1965. In 1972, a nuclear products division was formed with Rautio as its manager. He served as president of Conax of Buffalo until his retirement in 1986. The company retained him as a technical and management consultant until 1993. Mr. Rautio moved to Wisconsin in the spring of 1991 after the death of his first wife. He married Olive Birch more Smith in October 1991.

Rautio died on August 13th, 1997.