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Warren J. Chase
Warren Chase
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Ohio Bell Telephone Company
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1961 -1962

Warren J. Chase, AIEE President, 1961 - 1962, served as chief engineer and later was appointed vice president of Ohio Bell Telephone Company.


Warren H. Chase (M '42, F '51), vice-president, Ohio Bell Telephone Company, Cleveland, Ohio, was AIEE president from 1961 to 1962. Born January 25, 1898, in Cleveland, he received the S.B. degree in 1924 from the Harvard school of Engineering. Mr. Chase was employed a a toll transmission engineer for Ohio Bell during 1925-31, and assigned to circuit design and toll layout work. He was assigned to the supervision of transmission training schools, and the investigation and solution of special problems requiring transmission engineering training and experience. In 1940, he became a co-ordination engineer for Ohio Bell, in charge of measure to provide and protect telephone communications against interruption during a state of emergency. Mr. Chase was advanced to chief engineer in 1945 and placed in charge of the construction program for postwar telephone facilities, and the maintenance of transmission standards, toll line dialing projects, and the expansion of telephone facilities. In 1950, he became assistant vice-president, responsible for handling staff functions of inventory and cost, rate cases, rate and tariff matters, war activities and defense matters, overall company service results, and all directories for the Ohio Bell. He was appointed vice-president in 1954.

Mr. Chase was the recipient of the 1960 "Engineer of the Week" Award for outstanding contributions to engineering and civic affairs in North Eastern Ohio. A registered professional engineer in the state of Ohio, he is a member of Eta Kappa Nu, the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers, the Cleveland Society of Professional Engineers, the Cleveland Engineering Society, the Cleveland Technical Societies Council, the Atomic Waste and Radiation Committee of the City of Cleveland, and a senior member of the Institute of Radio Engineers. He is a member of the Communications Division of the National Defense Executive Reserve, and a past deputy director of the Communication Division of the National Production Authority.

Mr. Chase has served as AIEE vice-president for District 11 (1958-59) and vice-president for District 14 (1959-61). He has been a member of the following AIEE Committees: Management (1954-58), Lamme Medal (1956-59), General Administration Department (1957-61), Planning and Co-ordination (1959-61), Board of Directors (1958-61), and Intersociety Relations (1959-61, chairman 1960-61). He was an AIEE representative to the Engineers' Council for Professional Development (1960-61).

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