Vincent Mancino


Vincent Mancino
Vincent Mancino
Associated organizations
RCA (Radio Corporation of America)
Fields of study
Electromagnetic compatibility


Vincent Mancino graduated from Rutgers in 1951 with a BSEE, and joined RCA in Camden NJ as an Engineering Trainee. He was assigned to the EMC Group, which was responsible for EMC Consulting and Assurance Measurements, and EMC Suppression Parts, under the tutelage of Mr. Samuel Burruano. Mancino was an EMC engineer at RCA Camden until 1960 during which time he received a Masters degree from Drexel, presented a paper at the Fifth EMC Conference, served on several EMC committees and was Chairman of the IEEE Sub-committee on Transmitters 27.4 for several years.

Following his tenure at RCA Camden, NJ, Mancino went to Comell-Dubilier Electronics in New Bedford, MA and became Chief Engineer of their Filter Division responsible for EMC Suppression Parts and EMC Consulting and Assurance. He went back to RCA in 1962 as a Senior Engineer in a Group at RCA Burlington MA responsible for the conceptual design and development of computer controlled Automated Test Equipment. Mancino later transferred to the RCA Astro Electronics Division in Hightstown, NJ as a Senior Engineer responsible for the Reliability of a Weather Satellite for the US Air Force.

Here he solved a problem related to electromagnetic compatibility in weather satellites and received a Commendation Letter for his efforts. In February 1967 RCA Astro awarded him “An Engineering Excellence Achievement Award”. Mancino eventually become a Manager responsible Parts Engineering, Materials Engineering, Reliability Analyses and Predictions, Failure Analyses, and EMC.