Veljko Radeka


Veljko Radeka
Associated organizations
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Fields of study
Measurement, Nuclear physics


Veljko Radeka has shaped the field of radiation measurement for over 50 years with innovative detector technology that has benefited applications ranging from nuclear science to medical instrumentation. His cutting-edge detector instrumentation pushes the limits of radiation detection and has opened the path to new discoveries in many scientific disciplines. Dr. Radeka developed circuits to detect extremely rare radiation signals from background radiation for solar neutrino experiments. This work helped Ray Davis win the 1972 Nobel Prize in Physics and changed the foundations of particle physics. Dr. Radeka has also enabled new methods of real-time imaging for determining composition of chemical elements. He is collaborating on the development of an advanced ground-based telescope for investigating dark matter/energy in the universe. And his research group has developed a medical scanner that combines positron emission tomography and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in one instrument.

An IEEE Life Fellow, Dr. Radeka has been division head for 40 years and is presently a senior scientist with Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York.