Sudhakar K. Rao


Sudhakar K. Rao
Sudhakar K. Rao
Associated organizations
Spar Aerospace, Boeing Satellite Systems, Lockheed Martin Space Systems
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A leading authority in satellite antenna modeling, multiple-beam antennas and reconfigurable antenna payloads, Sudhakar K. Rao’s work has resulted in advanced satellite payloads featuring increased capacity, improved performance and lower cost.

While with Boeing Satellite Systems during 1996–2003 and with Spar Aerospace Limited in Canada during 1983–96, Dr. Rao demonstrated leadership in multiple-band and wide-band antenna systems, high-efficiency horn antennas, advanced reflector antennas, multiple-beam reconfigurable antennas, cross-link waveguide antennas and radiation pattern modeling. His designs support simultaneous transmission and reception of C-band, X-band, K-band, Ka-band and EHF-band signals for commercial and military applications, geostationary and low- and medium-Earth orbiting satellites, providing broadcast and fixed satellite services. He is now developing multiband payload technology, advanced payloads and high-power satellite payload test methods at Lockheed Martin.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Rao is a corporate senior fellow at Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Newtown, Pa.