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Subramanian S. Iyer’s pioneering development of embedded dynamic random access memory (eDRAM) has boosted the power of computer processors for applications ranging from high-end servers to gaming consoles and personal electronics. Dr. Iyer recognized the need for large amounts of high-density, high-performance, and high-bandwidth memory placed close to the integrated circuit to fully exploit the power of computer processors. His eDRAM technology allows for integration of very large amounts of dense on-chip memory with significantly lower power and higher reliability compared to conventional methods. The on-chip memory solution has enabled more memory to be placed on smaller chips, resulting in systems with higher performance. Dr. Iyer has been the driving force in IBM’s commercialization of eDRAM, guiding it through all stages of development, and it has also become a standard feature of IBM’s application-specific integrated circuits.

An IEEE Fellow and IBM Fellow, Dr. Iyer is chief technologist with the Microelectronics Division of IBM’s Systems & Technology Group in Hopewell Junction, New York, where he is responsible for technical strategy, embedded memory, and three-dimensional integration.