Shu Yuen Ron Hui

Shu Yuen Ron Hui
Shu Yuen Ron Hui
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University of Hong Kong
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The impactful power electronics innovations of Shu Yuen Ron Hui focus on providing sustainability, saving energy, and reducing electronic waste. Prof. Hui pioneered planar wireless charging technology, providing free-positioning and localized charging for multiple devices through a wireless charging pad. His patented work is featured in the first global wireless charging standard for low-power electronics introduced in 2010. This unifying standard will help to reduce hundreds of millions of units of electronic waste per year considering the plethora of noncompatible charging devices produced in the past. Prof. Hui’s groundbreaking work in lighting control includes passive LED drivers for street lighting that feature materials that are 85% recyclable, an energy efficiency of 94%, and a designed lifetime exceeding ten years.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Hui is the Chair Professor of Power Electronics with the University of Hong Kong and Imperial College London, UK.