Rudolph Schuchardt

Rudolph F. Schuchardt
Rudolph Schuchardt
Milwaukee, WI, USA
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Chicago Edison Company
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Chanute Medal

1928 -1929

Rudolph F. Schuchardt, AIEE President, 1928 - 1929, the chief electrical engineer at Chicago Edison Company.


Schuchardt was AIEE president from 1928 to 1929.

RUDOLPH Frederick Schuchardt was one of the outstanding leaders in central station engineering, and a man who served the Institute enthusiastically and effectively in many of its activities. In addition to his splendid qualifications' as an electrical engineer, he maintained adherence to principles of the highest type, and had a keen interest in the development of individual engineers.

Mr. Schuchardt was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin December 14, 1875, and in 1897 graduated from the electrical engineering course of the University of Wisconsin. Following graduation he spent a short period with the Janesville (Wis,) Electric Light and Power Company, later in that year joining the staff of Meysenberg and Badt, Chicago, as engineering salesman. In July 1898, he entered the employ of the Chicago Edison Company (later the Commonwealth Electric Company and Commonwealth Edison Company) remaining in this organization until the time of his death, October 25, 1932.

Starting in this company, first as a substation operator for a few weeks and then in charge of the company's exhibit at the Trans-Mississippi Exposition, Omaha, Nebraska, he spent one year in the statistical department of the company. During the period 1899-1906 he was in the testing department, going through all phases from assisting to acting head. In 1906 he became engineer of electrical construction, having charge of this work for all stations and substations. In 1909 he was appointed electrical engineer of the company, subsequently having the title of chief electrical engineer. From 1909 until his death in 1932 he was intimately connected with the development of the company.

Mr. Schuchardt made many contributions to electrical literature since the presentation before the Institute in 1897 of his first paper "Electricity Meters of Today" which attracted considerable attention. He has long been active in the Institute, He served on many committees including the education, power generation, power transmission and distribution, protective devices, standards, Technical Program, executive, electrical machinery, law, Edison Medal, and public policy committees, as well as on the committee on code of principles of professional conduct. He has also been the Institute's representative on 5 other bodies. In addition to the presidency, Mr. Schuchardt served as vice-president of the Institute 1922-24.

Mr. Schuchardt also was chairman of the Chicago section of the Illuminating Engineering Society, chairman of the technical national section of the former National Electric Light Association, and member of the Western Society of Engineers (chairman electrical section 1913), the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education, and the Institution of Electrical Engineers, of Great Britain. He has been chairman of the public affairs committee of the American Engineering Council, and in 1929 was a delegate to the World's Engineering Conference in Japan. He also has been active in civic affairs.

In 1907, Mr. Schuchardt was awarded the Chanute Medal, of the Western Society of Engineers.


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