Robert D. Lorenz

Robert D. Lorenz
Fields of study
Control systems
IEEE Richard Harold Kaufmann Award


Robert D. Lorenz’s pioneering development of self-sensing motor drives has provided one of the most important concepts in advanced machine control. Prof. Lorenz is considered the leading expert in self-sensing machines methods, where the sensing functions are fully integrated on a drive to detect key operating characteristics including rotor position, torque, speed, temperature, and motor/load diagnostics. Avoiding the need for conventional position sensors reduces cost and increases motor efficiency. His “electronic line shaft” control methodology coordinates multiple drives along a manufacturing line to act as if they were directly coupled by a shaft. This has been invaluable to the paper and printing industries, where web rolls are sensitive to even minor differences in speed among motor drives.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Lorenz is a professor of mechanical engineering and Co-Director of WEMPEC at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA. Lorenz was the recipient of the 2014 IEEE Richard Harold Kaufmann Award.