Raghunath K. Shevgaonkar


Raghunath K. Shevgaonkar
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University of Pune, Indian Institute of Technology
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Raghunath K. Shevgaonkar’s inspirational teaching methods have made electromagnetics understandable and enjoyable for a generation of students. Many students dread electromagnetics courses that can appear to consist of extremely challenging mathematical models. Dr. Shevgaonkar’s approach is to present field phenomenon as a natural extension of circuit theory and to put physical understanding ahead of mathematical steps. Add in concept-oriented practical problems and you have a course that students rate as one of their best. A pioneer of distance education, Dr. Shevgaonkar established the Centre for Distance Engineering Education Program at IIT, Bombay. He developed Web-based video courses covering electromagnetics and fiber optics that have been viewed by colleges throughout India. His textbook, "Electromagnetic Waves" (McGraw Hill Education India, 2005), is one of the most widely used undergraduate textbooks on electromagnetics in India and other countries.

An IEEE Senior Member, Dr. Shevgaonkar is a professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, and vice chancellor of the University of Pune.