Prabha Kundur

Prabha Kundur
Prabha Kundur
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IEEE Medal in Power Engineering


For over 40 years, Prabha S. Kundur has been at the leading edge of development and application of technology that has made the operation of large-scale interconnected power systems more safe, secure, and reliable. He has impacted many areas, including modeling and measurement tools, analysis methods, and control techniques that enhance power system stability. Dr. Kundur’s development and validation of comprehensive power plant models for dynamic analysis and control design have been incorporated in software packages that address transient stability, small signal stability, voltage stability, and dynamic reduction for large-scale power systems. Widely recognized and applied by the power industry, these models are important tools in testing whether the power system can handle and recover from disturbances without taking down a large portion of the grid. Dr. Kundur’s contributions to advanced excitation control designs have enhanced overall system dynamic performance. In addition to improving system security, the designs also improve efficiency since the system is able to operate at higher limits. Under Dr. Kundur’s leadership, Ontario Hydro, Canada was one of the first utilities to develop instrumentation technologies and conduct fault tests to identify and verify models and analytical tools being used for power system simulation. Dr. Kundur was the author of the book "Power System Stability and Control," which has been used by academics and practicing engineers worldwide and is considered an industry classic.

Dr. Kundur was an IEEE Life Fellow. In 2010 he received the IEEE Medal in Power Engineering "For leadership in the development and application of analytical methods, tools and techniques for modeling, simulation and control of large-scale interconnected power systems." He was the president of Kundur Power Systems Solutions, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.